Top 10: Most Anticipated Shooter Games of 2013

Shooters are a dime a dozen there are tons of them released every year, and 2013 is no exception. There are a few that stand out from the crowd. These few are listed below in our Top 10: most anticipated Shooter games of 2013. The games are not listed in any real order so don’t really pay attention to the numbers.

#10. Battlefield 4

Everyone remembers Dice’s and EA’s famous title Battlefield 3, which was released back in 2011, and being one of those titles famous for its addictive multiplayer. Battlefield 4 does not have much information released for thus so far, however, it does seem promising. In addition, EA states that they will not cut or be lazier on the content for Battlefield 3 or for its premium players. It’s something to look up to, considering that EA have already planned to start a new title means they have something good in store for us (well hopefully).

#9. Crysis 3

Crysis 2 has been known to have some of the best graphics on the PC since 2007, and now Crysis 3 being a hit title for 2013 is no different. As seen within the EA 2012 press conference, Crysis 3 runs remarkably well, with no frame rate issues, however, also giving users amazing textures and environments.

Additionally, story wise, Crysis 3 revolves around Prophet yet again, however, only this time, Prophet will return to New York City to discover the corruption of Cell Corporation. A great side to this is even though the title will focus on buildings and interior designs of cities, it will focus a great deal on jungle environments. Crysis 3 hopefully uses the same concept of letting players play the way they want, like using stealth to take out large amount of foes rather than going for a frontal assault. In addition, it is nice to see that Prophet will be utilized yet again as the protagonist, which could show a different side to him, or let us utilize weapons that are for hunting – like the bow within the picture.

#8. Bioshock Infinite

When Bioshock originally came out, it seemed to an amazing title in many ways. It provided mystery, gameplay combined with strategy, and an atmosphere and story that could only be seen within RPG’s. Bioshock Infinite looks no different.

Protagonist Booker is a completely different character compared to Jack and the Big Daddy within the previous titles. Unlike them, Booker is not a silent protagonist, and does not need to be, which provides more characterization. In addition, the same atmosphere is existent within this title clearly as Booker walks the streets, he witnesses rebels petitioning. Rather than going through the city of Rapture again, players will explore the vast city of Columbia, where they will utilize skylines, and take the fight to the sky.

#7. Killzone: Mercenary

In the previous three titles of Killzone, player were on the side of ISA and fighting against the Helghast forces. This time, it’s completely the opposite. Players will take command as a soldier of the Helghast army and take on missions that normally other soldiers can’t, or will not be able to handle. If successful, players will receive weapons and a great amount of cashes. This title will be available for the Vita and gives rise to missions that do not need storytelling, but rather hardcore action on the spot.

#6. Xcom

Xcom is an upcoming tactical shooter, just like Xcom: Enemy Unknown, Xcom allow what the previous title did as well, and that is allowing different play styles. Players play as William Carter as he is supposed to investigate and stop extraterrestrial forces.

As players work on these cases, they have ability to choose and give an agent commands. Just like Enemy Unknown, players will have to acknowledge the enemies weak points, and gather and level up troops based on the survival of the whole squad. In short, Xcom looks amazing, giving players not only a chance to play a strategic shooter, but a shooter combined with an RPG ( very similar to Fallout 3).

#5. Lost Planet 3

Lost Planet and Lost Planet 2 were some of the best looking titles for both the Playstation 3, and Xbox 360, and even the PC. Lost Planet 3 entices players in the same way, however with far better story-driven campaign which was something that was severely lacking in the second title.

Unlike the previous two titles, this title will be a prequel. Players will take on the role of Jim Peyton as he unravels the secret of Nevec (the forces that killed the Akrid and the Pirates). And in addition, unlike the mechs that utilized firearms in the previous instalments  the mechs within Lost Planet 3 will utilize drills and other sort of mining equipment. In addition, the title will be focusing more on the RPG aspects, such as helping fellow colonist by doing side quest, or upgrading equipment rather than grinding for hours that was done in the second instalment.

#4. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow 6: Patriots

Rainbow 6: Patriots seems to be a very thrilling title. Players will yet again play as the leader of Team Rainbow, and guide his team to complete the mission. However, this time around Rainbow will have to deal with a terrorist group called “Patriots.”. Not much information is released for this title, however, it does seem to be a promising title, and very much so, similar to Xcom in terms of tactics and strategy that players will have to employ.

#3. ARMA 3

Arma 3 is an open world tactical shooter if you didn’t know. Players will command large troops and even go on solo infiltration missions. It will contain over 50 villages, with buildings, both which are “enterable and destroyable”, alongside water fights as well. It will be fantastic title to look forward to look forward to.

#2. Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Blacklist

Blacklist is a very surprising title indeed. Sam Fisher returns as the leader of team that take on deep dark missions that other soldiers would not be willing to. However, the surprisingly the gameplay elements itself changed quite a bit. Sam seems to be a lot younger in the title, and seems to be out in the daylight as compared to the prequels. In addition, it seems to be more of a combination of Assassin Creed and Call of Duty, or Battlefield. However, the gameplay does look promising. The stealth is still a key element within this title, and does offer a story that seems to finish where Conviction left off.

#1. Gears of War: Judgement

Gears of War: Judgement is actually in truth a prequel to the whole franchise. After the end for Gears of War 3, Epic Games felt it would be much better to introduce a better background story for Kilo Squad, or more formerly known as Baird, and Cole’s old squad before the events of 1 occured.

The title will focus on multiplayer differently. Unlike the previous installments, it will give players  a chance for them to choose from certain classes. A few being medic, and soldier, each coming with different weapons and a different purpose for fighting. The title itself looks great, and should be fantastic in terms of story, considering Braid and Cole past are very mysterious and finding out more is a great plus for players.



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    judgement looks pretty cool

  2. Killzone Mercenary is about being a “mercenary”, not being a helgast soldier…that means you fight for whoever pays more.

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    Screw Killzone, everything on the Vita sucks! The rest? YES!

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    Crysis 3. Cant wait

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