5 Reason I want Halo Reach 2 on Xbox One


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5 Reason I want Halo Reach 2 on Xbox 1

With the launch of the Xbox One just around the corner, the dreams of game franchises receiving next gen graphics and gameplay upgrades have me excited. One game that I would love to see get some next gen polish is Halo Reach. The story ended with dead Spartans in the last game, but I am sure 343 can come up with another story arc. Here are my five reasons why Halo Reach 2 must have some next gen love.

1. Graphics are always an important upgrade, especially with new hardware and game engines to play with.  Considering the CPU and GPU of the Xbox 1 far outstrip the 360, 343 should be able to make Reach look beautiful. The graphics that the Xbox 1 is capable of can only add to gameplay. There’s no reason a new Reach couldn’t see broken branches and footprints. Gameplay could include indications of the direction of fallen soldiers or enemy activity. Scratch marks on trees, and smoke can bring the element of observation to your environment, forcing the player to scan for clues in order to prepare for an ambush.

2. Open world game play would definitely work for the series. With all that lovely RAM in the Xbox 1, 343 should be able to create huge maps with multiple ways of combat engagement and exploration. Think Farcry mechanics in the Halo universe, it would be a blast! The lovely vista will now be reachable by warthog.

3. Microsoft Cloud technology has taken online gaming into the next generation. With all the features Microsoft is touting the cloud can provide, imagine Halo online! AI with better combat ability, new weapons with long distance that impact game play; just imagine using long range rockets to impact the playing field, or when it comes to multiplayer, commanding your fellow Spartans a la Battlefield.

4. Next-gen squad combat could be thrilling. After GTA V’s masterful gameplay mechanics showed us what it’s like to switch between three protagonists, imagine playing missions where you toggle between 5 Spartans. Missions could be set in different locations on an enemy base and the ability to switch from Spartan to Spartan during combat scenarios would be something unseen since Republic Commando.

5. Physics and motion capture have only gotten better. Looking at Ryse we see how games are becoming an art form, with more lifelike movements and explosions that cause lasting and impactful destruction. Halo Reach could take some of these qualities to really create an immersive experience.

With each generation of consoles we see games come closer to fulfilling the promise of CGI quality graphics, and experiences similar in scope to big budget movies. Halo is Microsoft’s flagship property. Halo Reach was a great game, but some parts felt rushed and underdeveloped to me. I think us fans of the Halo universe deserve a crack at a next-gen Halo Reach.

–By Rickey Gibson and Tyler Zdenek

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