5 series that need to end

Game series come and go. A game series can span decades and multiple titles. Long series allow you to get into the characters of the series, meeting news ones and getting engrossed in the world the series has created.
Even though this is all fun, sometimes game series’ can over-stay their welcome. Here are five games that have stayed around a little to long.

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5. Spyro the Dragon Series

Let me start by saying I’m a huge Spyro fan and the first three games in the series are three of the best games on the PlayStation. Spyro had a great mix of platforming game play, treasure hunting and humor.

However, after the initial three games the Spyro series stopped innovating and began regurgitating. The first three games each added on the other, bringing new characters, abilities and collectibles. After that, each game felt like a remodel of the first three rather than bringing something new and exciting.

Then came a reboot with the Legend of Spyro addition. It focused more on combat then platforming. It was an attempt to put a fresh new spin on Spyro, but in the end, the next two games devolved into the original Spyro brand games and added nothing new.

Now we have Skylanders. While it is fun to get kids and family involved, the problem with Skylanders is it’s using the Spyro name to promote the game. The only connection the Spyro is that he is in the game. The other problem is the game isn’t complex enough for hardcore gamers and is pretty boring to play alone. In fact, my girlfriends eight and nine year old brothers play more with the Skylander toys and their imagination than they do the actual game.

Spyro had a good run and while the reboots were nice, it’s time to let this dragon finally rest.

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4. Gears of War series

Again, this is another series I’ve enjoyed the past eight years. Gears of War brought addicting multiplayer and a solid campaign to entertain players for a while, and even now as I still play Gears of War 3 online.

Unfortunately, it’s beginning to wear out it’s welcome, specifically from the latest incarnation in Gears of War Judgment. Judgment brought nothing significant to the series and even brought the multiplayer side down by changing the teams and taking away the customization of characters.

The story also was lacking. Instead of being a new chapter, it was a retelling of what happened to two of the characters during Gears of War 3. Usually when a game has to use a storyline within an already existing storyline, it’s a sign of the creative juices beginning to dry up.

The Gears of War series set the tone for the Xbox 360 and brought on a strong competitor to the Call of Duty and Halo series. With the new generation coming along in the Xbox One, the Gears of War series can do itself a favor and end on a high note.

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3. Resident Evil Series

Resident Evil 4 is my favorite game of all time and one of the best games period. It helped revitalize the Resident Evil series and the survival-horror genre as well.

Even though Resident Evil 5 and 6 were fun, they lacked the impact its predecessor had. They felt more like regurgitated games and even went away from the survival-horror aspect for a stronger action filled experience.
It wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, but both games are downgrades in every way to RE4. It also doesn’t help when during the main series there are other games taking place in different times like Umbrella chronicles and Operation Raccoon City.

When a series has to put out different style games to keep people interested in the main storyline, it dilutes the series with mediocre content. It’s normal to milk a series to get the most value out of it. The Resident Evil series has been milked dry because of this.

The Resident Evil series was great, but it is overrun with lack-luster titles bringing it down to the bottom of the gaming world. The Resident Evil series is like Derek Jeter at this point. It had great moments early and helped revitalize the genre, much like Jeter did with the Yankees, and now is producing crap games, much like Jeter is doing in his final season.

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2. Halo Series

The Halo series is one of the few first-person shooters that boasted an interesting and well-thought out story. Sure, it had a great multiplayer to go with it, but the campaign was worth playing just to hear what happened to the characters.

It’s what made playing Halo Reach worthwhile. Finding out the beginning of the Spartan program and how it was initiated in the middle of an inter-galactic war was enthralling.

Then Halo 4 was released. Halo 4 is the videogame version of the Michael Bay Transformers with the dinobots: a desperate attempt to continue to bank on an already finished series. The campaign felt like it was written in haste and not edited for content. It was a sad excuse to continue an already finished story.

Thankfully Bungie had nothing to do with the game, which is probably why it was nowhere near as entertaining. It’s usually never good when a company never worked on a game series decides to try and keep the bank rolling. The only game it has worked for is Call of Duty, but that’s because of the simplicity of that series.

Let the Halo series end on the good note it did in Halo 3. The multiplayer side can stay if people still play, but there is no need for another game in this series.

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1. Metal Gear Solid Series

Out of these five series, this one is the series I love the most. The story and game play are some of the best in any game series. The way each game is connected by a complex story is one of the best examples of video games as an art form. The entire campaign in Metal Gear Solid 4 felt like a big budget film that people were able to play.
We thought the story was finished with the release of Metal Gear Solid Peacewalker. Creator of the series Hideo Kojima had mentioned he was finished the series after the release.

It was not the end. What we as fans are given is the Metal Gear Solid 5 “package.” Not one, but two games to delight fans.

Well, delight isn’t the right word. Konami is trying the new fad the movie industry is running by coming out with two titles to end a series. Warner Brothers did it with the Harry Potter films and the same is being done with the final Hunger Games film. This is what Metal Gear Solid 5 is attempting. Ground Zeros is the first and the Phantom Pain will be the second game.

You can make a good argument it was needed for the Harry Potter movies as they were able to extend many scenes from the book. Both films felt like movies on their own and were not short, in fact both ran over two hours. So far, it is not working for Metal Gear Solid 5.

Ground Zeros feels like a half-game at best. The campaign is short, the game play is more action oriented and the story isn’t as fulfilling as earlier games. It’s a shell of what a Metal Gear Solid game should be.

A series once known for complex and intertwining story lines is now reduced to what feels like a hap-hazard epilogue. It’s a sad way to continue a series that is pretty much done. With all the hype that came with each game in the Metal Gear Solid series, Ground Zeros did not deliver on any level.

I can use any of the other analogies I’ve used for the other four games, but it would just get redundant. The point is, Ground Zeros should have never even made the pre-production phase. The Metal Gear Solid series ended on a very epic note, and it should stay that way.

While these series were in their hay day, we as gamers enjoyed it and benefited from it all. However, all things to come to an end and it is time for these series’ to bow out and let the next generation of games in.

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