Borderlands Loot Hunt week two and Bloody Harvest review

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The second week of the loot hunt has come to an end and once again Vault Hunters have earned their name by beating all of the challenges that seemed slightly more difficult along with having the massive distraction of the first of the new headhunter packs rolling out. In game we were all rewarded from Captain Scarlett with a shiny powered up grenade mod and a week full of easy legendary weapons to get killing a cool 840K enemies just to achieve the minimums for the loot hunt and even blowing past a few enemies that need the DLC or Certain missions available to kill.

But I’m not just going to blow over the T.K. Baha’s Blood Harvest, this is the first release put out in Gearbox’s headhunter packs for Borderlands 2. Bloody Harvest hitting right before Halloween feels much better then with the first games zombie DLC hitting closer to Christmas time, although I sure wasn’t complaining about killing zombies immediately after opening presents a few years ago. Bloody Harvest is available for a cheap $2.99 and makes the Haunted Hallow available to the owners. It has two Halloween missions to add to the seasons excitement and a ton of fun little Easter eggs to find throughout the Hallow, such as references to Poltergeist and Blair Witch Project. Worth the three dollar price tag for anyone who loves the Borderlands franchise for sure and a fun little way to enjoy the spooky holiday.


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