Can Microsoft Xbox One buy next gen dominance?

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Can Microsoft Xbox One  buy next gen dominance?

By Nov 22, all next gen consoles will be released: the Wii-U, the PS4, and the Xbox One. The hardcore gamer will compare system specs and connectivity options, but what of the casual audience; the novice that makes living room dominating decisions based solely by what they see on TV? This consumer doesn’t care about shader cores or console specific releases. This particular customer can be bought with Ad dollars.

The advertisement race has already started for the Xbox One with Microsoft attempting to create the hot ticket item for this holiday season. The ad claims it’s your all in one device for fantasy football, dealing with your cable provider, playing blu-rays , and a powerful voice activated gaming console to boot. Sony has done an excellent job selling the PS4 to the hardcore as the more powerful machine; but according to most, the PS3 was more powerful than Xbox 360.

Consider the Fifa deal in Europe. Including the 2014 Edition for free was a huge day one pre-order bonus; even for a single territory. Microsoft is sending a message to other companies that their wallet is big and they’re willing to open it whenever they deem it necessary. The deal with EA is also something to monitor. Owning some of the biggest franchises out there, even something as small as a Xbox One exclusive game mode is building value for Microsoft’s new console.

Think about Microsoft’s 180 turn. Could Sony or Nintendo have pulled it off? The ability to change almost all of the planning concerning the Xbox One infrastructure in less than three months time is nothing short of amazing; the amount of money wasted and spent would lead us to believe that Microsoft is playing for keeps.

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In a world where one’s perception can become reality; the shift to Xbox One is becoming more apparent. With advertisements for Xbox One featured heavily on sport centric networks showing nothing more than a green screen embedded with the Xbox One name, branding has become more important than titles. Undoubtedly the closer we get to November, the more the ads will increase, and potentially the exclusive game announcements will too.

Let’s remember one thing gamers; the victor of a console war doesn’t have to win all the battles, because in the fight for consumers, the battles with the most viewers are the most important. These battles are won with deep pockets, and what the console has to offer isn’t always most important.


–By Rickey Gibson and Tyler Zdenek


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