Can the PS4 bring Sony back to console dominance?

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Just think about it, when the Sony PS1 came out, there were no competition. When the PS2 came out it was a flawless victory, so why has the PS3 not dominate the console market this generation? OK let’s hear it, blame the Xbox 360 and the Wii, nope that’s no excuse.  Sony pedigree and their fan base, no, that runs deeper than the Nile River. All competition should have been destroyed, but why then is the Xbox 360 outselling the PS3 in the USA for 23 straight months? And please don’t tell me; well the PS3 beats the Xbox 360 in the other territories, Sony should be winning in all territories period.

Dear Sony please do not release your next generation console last, this is the first method to avoid being last in the next generation.
Next please make Killzone the best FPS on the market, I want to see graphics that makes my LED screen cry for mercy, I want the game play, AI and physics that I have never seen before in any game.

Next, Gran Turismo should not take 5000 years to make, I can remember when the first one came out, it had that WOW factor, make it happen please Sony.

Now I realize that next generation consoles will be powerful, and after seeing the Pikmin 3 walk through from the Wii U, I realized that the Wii U will be no push over, but Sony remember the PS2 sold over 100 million consoles!
You are company is known for innovation, let’s put them boots own and lets start stomping!  All indication shows that the PS4 will be a monster; this is a good start if it is true. Now let’s get the games in at launch that will sell the system. The vita should be the #1 handheld on the market, what’s going on Sony?

This might sound like a fanboy rant; and to some degrees it is but one console to rule them all will be bad for us gamers.  It is not just about Sony, I want all three consoles to bring something different to the table, but Sony has an opportunity with all of the developers that they have under their tent.

Will Sony venture into virtual reality with their new console and will take advantage of AR technology? The door is open for them to do something big, something different. Yes I want to see monster specs, but I would like to see them come out with something innovating.  I am not a fanboy, I’m gamer and a consumer the more competition the more I get for my dollar.

In Sony’s defense there has been a lot of restructuring in the past couple of years so that there technology can be streamline, so hopefully we’ll get bit of those technologies that they have to offer with their new console.
This will be the key in the next generation, having a console with great graphics, but also a console that is flexible in the living room environment.

My wallet is ready to spend, let’s get 1080p and 60 frames locked baby. I know you can do it, let’s make sure that the architecture is easy for developers to squeeze processing power out and last but not least, give me that one system exclusive that makes grown men cry.

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Rickey is a gamer to the core, He can remember at the early stages of his life playing pong, for every generation that has been, He has owned a console in that generation, He likes to study the architecture, the structure,and the software of every system that he has owned. From Atari, to Sega, to Nintendo,to Sony, and his favorite company Microsoft, he has been there gaming.

17 Comments to “Can the PS4 bring Sony back to console dominance?”

  1. Bevin Kutler says:

    *tactical facepalm*…

    Are these “children of sony” really busy playing their super exclusive games or just playing “i-love-sony” testimonies all day long in order to suck Ken Kutaragi and Kaz Hirai balls harder?

    You thought they’re busy playing best games..but guess what, that’s not true as you’ve read plenty the so-called ‘sony must dominate’ propaganda nowadays.

    Just look at Nintendo fans…they’re way more cooler and modest as opposed to the arrogant type of mentality that belongs to “children of sony”. Okay, it’s obvious that living at 3rd place in console war really hurts sony soldiers butt. They are seen spending more time in madness and desperation than playing games on their ps3.

    IF ps3 games are really-really-that-good, then they should have been careless about console dominance. It just shows their feardom. What a bunch of sad OMNI liars. Yay!

    • F says:

      Just shut the fuck up already. You’re so annoying and not better than the OP. What are you? a fucking 12 years old cunt? If you like Nintendo that much, then go enjoy your shitty pikmin or whatever it’s called.

      • Attiq Gomer says:

        Mr Kutler you do your cause no favors with your childish language. Growup and realise that you can say so much more with adult rational than your attempt at looking cool which actually just turns people away…… And Pikmin is better than most games because of…………. Say it with me…….. Gameplay

      • deSSy says:

        Sorry… FU** OFF….. i will enjoy my Nintendo and Sony consoles and still, im not bashing MS consoles you stupid 5 year blind fanboy…

    • DarthDiggler says:

      Dude Nintendo fans have been doing nothing but Apologizing for their slow hardware.

      You are a one sided partisan ass-hat. The fact is the PS3 has nearly caught up to the Xbox 360 which had a year head start. Facts are pretty stubborn things bro.

  2. otherZinc says:

    I think the PS4 will dominate with ease, Nintendo are busy delivering last – gen trash machines with graphics that can barely rival the PS1 and the crap that passes for visuals on the 360 are no better.
    PS3 games like Uncharted, God Of War and Heavy Rain keep pushing the bar higher for technical achievement whilst garbage like Gears Of Bore and Halo look like they were developed for the Game Boy Colour. The graphics on so – called 360 “must haves” is absolutely pathetic.

    Wii – U is for shovelware crap, just like the Wii was. 360 is for casual gamers who want to play with Kinect and not care about anythng important like exclusive games or graphics. PS3/PS4 is for real gamers, fact.

    • Eagles83 says:

      That was a bunch of sensationalist garbage. How many bogus claims can you fit into one post. The 360 doesn’t look like a game boy color when compared to the ps3. I have all of the systems and each has their standout games whether it be graphics or gameplay. You need to get your fanboyism under control. Who knows if you quit hating on things without reason you may find out that you are missing out on things.

    • Zach says:

      Sorry, 360 has garbage visuals? Why is then that Halo 4, an Xbox exclusive, looks better than any PS3 game I’ve seen so far? I game exclusively on PS3 man, but you cannot say Halo 4 looks bad…

  3. Attiq Gomer says:

    Wow whats a fantastically impossibly well written piece of modern literature….. (Just so you know I’m being SARCASTIC…….)

    I’m not going to actually comment on most of this artical…… Most people will see that this person has no crediblity as a journalist and will never have it now….. Your name sir is forever locked into rampant fanboyism (I hate that word as its not really a word but I’ll use it for today).

    What I will comment on is your complete lack of understanding of graphics (and to be honest most peoples lack of understanding about it) graphics are NOTHING…. You should not be asking for developers to give you the best graphics to make your eyes bleed…. Blah….. Blah….. Blah….

    He’s the simple way to understand this…… You can have the prettiest best looking game but if the gameplay sucks how long are you going to play it? If you have a game who’s graphics are terrible but who’s gameplay is the best you’ve ever played how long will you play that?

    Graphics mean nothing gameplay is everything and that is that…….

    One other thing that I will comment on quickly is that the ones responsible for Sony’s position in last place are Nintendo and Sony themselves…… Nintendo for releasing the Wii which proved graphics are nothing and gameplay is everything…. Sony for calling (Microsoft did as well) the Wii a Gimmicky console that won’t do well (and when it did Sony had no choice but to copy the controller) and by making stupid comments about the PS3 like “you can go and get a second job to afford our console…..”

    HMMMM that was a liittle longer than I meant but you get that……

  4. Roger says:

    The PS4 will fail even harder then the Vita relatively in its market. The PlayStation brand is on its way out and consumers will not fall for Sony’s BS again. Overhype and underdeliver is everything Sony and that is why they are near bankruptcy.

  5. PantherDST says:

    Why does Console domination
    matter to an individual gamer? Because they are weak minded, and are influenced
    by other likeminded peers. I say to
    you, simply enjoy the games, and leave the business stuff to the actual console

  6. Jason says:

    Never! Sony has only one destiny: Going straight to hell and draging the PlayStation brand down with them.

  7. Me says:

    NO console will ever dominate EVER again. Please remove your ridiculous article from the Internet and burn/bury the server it resides on.

  8. Samholy says:

    xbox sells more cause they burn then people stupid enough to go back and buy another one.

    I had one playstation of each in my life,play them hard enough to pronounce the word hardcore. none perished.

    all those i know who bought xboxes, ALL had 2 first gen xbox. ALL of them had AT LEAST 2 xbox 360, so went up to 3-4. cause they freaking burn. they break. made of cheap stuff.

    so…i wonder how this fits into the 23 months of outselling. cause i know NO ONE who bough only 1 xbox. thats ridiculous.

  9. Francis says:


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