5 most innovative JRPGs

A lot of gamers, especially those that belong to generation Y, grew up on JRPGs. The Final Fantasy series, Chrono Trigger, and so many other classic JRPGs were the core of the gaming world for a long time. Lately, you only hear how JRPGs are losing ground and growing stale as they’re always...
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5 Real Life Power Ups Gamers Earn

There are many people out there that believe playing video games for a large amount of time will rot your brain or turn you into a psychopathic killer. They are of course wrong. That doesn’t mean that the stereotype is not out there, and that many people do share this view. Luckily, the stigma...
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Five books that would make amazing video games

Adaptation between artforms is not uncommon, and the standard for the day seems to be the adaptation of book to the silver screen. As far as the silver medal is concerned, one could make an argument for the film-to-video game adaptation, which tends to yield fruit of the same quality and quantity as a...
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