Creepy Watson Returns in Crimes & Punishments

One of the funniest glitches to ever be seen in a Video Game would probably be Creepy Watson from 2008′s Sherlock Holmes: Nemesis. The title which was developed by Frogwares saw Sherlock Holmes’ sidekick, Dr. Watson move without moving. This led to a wave of videos be uploaded to YouTube, and one of those videos reached over 2 million views a couple of weeks ago.

However, in 2012, when the Testament of Sherlock Holmes was released, many fans complained after seeing that the new Watson, with his fluid animations made thanks to Motion Capture, moved in a more human and realistic way.

Because of those many complaints Frogwares has decided to include an option in the upcoming Crimes & Punishments, that will allow gamers to replace the new Doctor Watson with the one that was featured in Sherlock Holmes: Nemesis.

To celebrate this good news Frogwares also released a video that showed the old Watson moving  around in his very creepy way.

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