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DMC: Devil May Cry has to be one of the most hotly debated games of the past year or so – and it doesn’t release until January 2013! DMC is a reboot or re-imagining of Capcom’s Devil May Cry series of games with production duties being handled by Ninja Theory, the creative types behind early PS3 action game Heavenly Sword. There has been much debate across the Internets regarding the pros and cons of series mainstay Dante’s new appearance. Normally one could simply write this off as purely superfical whining from ardent fanboys, but it is the on screen attitude of Dante that has helped make the Devil May Cry series as popular as it is.

Regardless of your position on the appearance of Dante in this title, the gameplay is pure Devil May Cry. The trademark stylish action flows at a frenzied pace giving players ample opportunity to feel like a bad ass demon slayer. Dante is armed with twin, rapid fire pistols (complete with unlimited ammo) and a range of close range melee weapons. Generally speaking the pistols are used for linking combos together, while the real damage is dished out with the melee weapons. Remember, the name of the game here is stylish action, and the game constantly rates and rewards you for dealing death in the most stylish manner possible.

The nuts and bolts of the gameplay are supported by visuals that ooze charm and flair. Dante and his doomed adversaries look great and move in a convincing manner. The animation really sells the attitude of the game, with some sequences looking just damn cool. It is a visceral thrill to launch an enemy into the air only to leap up and carve them to shreds with your sword.

The audio keeps the blood pumping and builds tension during action sequences, with chunky guitar riffs and clanging sound effects. During quieter moments the music eases back into a more ambient mood, setting the stage for exploration, but still giving an ominous air.

At this stage the future looks bright for Dante and his cohorts. Assuming you can forgive Ninja Theory for meddling with Dante’s appearance, DMC looks to be well worth keeping an eye on.

DMC: Devil May Cry releases in January 2013 for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

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