DUST 514:Uprising 1.5 Update For New Eden (PS3)

CCP released the latest of it promised update for DUST 514. Uprising 1.5 is the latest installment , 1.5 Focuses on new expanded Corporation roles as well as new player experience and the new Squad Finder.

Some of the updates include Revise
New Player Experience: With task-driven structure that rewards players for demonstrating proficiency in joining battles,creating fitting and training skills.

Squad Finder is designed to help get players grouped up and battling together, Squad Finder will list all available squad that are not deployed into battle yet and are waiting on new players to join.

New Corporation Roles allows Corporation CEOs and directors to distribute specific roles to other members within the corporation. Roles can be assigned are-Accountant,Personnel Director,Terrestrial Combat Officer ant Terrestrial Logistics officer.


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