Who Is The Better Character? Ellie (The Last of Us) or Elizabeth (Bioshock Infinite)?


There is only one real comparison you can draw from both The Last of Us and Bioshock Infinite and that is the two main characters. In The Last of Us you have Joel and Ellie and in Bioshock Infinite you have Booker and Elizabeth. There is no real comparison you can do between Joel and Booker, a large part being you never even see Booker (although both characters are voiced by Troy Baker). However, Elizabeth and Ellie are two characters you can compare, because you always see them and they are important to the plot of the games that they are in.

It is not often that female characters are the lead in games and one could argue that Ellie and Elizabeth are not the lead characters in either The Last of Us or Bioshock Infinite, because you don’t really play as them, but they are main characters that are both important to their game’s plot and the story of both games revolve around them. To me, that does make them the main characters.

After Bioshock Infinite, people fell in love with Elizabeth and it seems that the same thing is happening with Ellie in The Last of Us. So I am asking the question of which character do you like better? Which is more relate-able to you? Simply which one do you care about more?


Elizabeth is a 20-year-old girl who is basically a princess locked in a castle and you have to save her. She knows a lot, but that is from a life time of reading books and learning about things, but she has never experienced anything at all, because of being locked away. She is very innocent about everything and is excited about many things she sees. The way Elizabeth reacts to things about Booker, combat and other people makes her seem quite unbalanced and maybe bipolar. She hates violence, but is constantly helping Booker by opening tears in the world that offer up guns of all sorts. One minute she will be understanding of why Booker had to kill someone, the next she will be enraged by it to the point of attacking on Booker to stop him.

There is also situations were Booker will tell her he is taking her out of Columbia and he was paid from people in New York to being her back. However later to coax her into cooperating he asks if she would like to see France or Paris, something (I don’t remember). Of course she agrees and then later again when he brings New York back up she gets mad and says Booker has lied to her. Which makes her seem crazy seeing he mentioned New York right away to her. Elizabeth is a good character and is helpful, she is even a pretty likable character until she goes insane from time to time and sometimes endangers herself and Booker. It is at these times that I could not stand her being around me and could understand why Booker was scared of her. I think this was just their way of trying to give her emotion and not doing a good job of it. Although they do when in situations such as when she is with Songbird.


Ellie is also a girl who has been basically locked away, but in a more understandable way. She lives in the Boston quarantine zone which you can’t just come and go as you please, because outside the walls of the city the world as we knew it is no more and is inhabited by people who are either infected or out for themselves that will kill anyone on site. However you do take her out an on a journey none the less. Ellie is 14-years-old and was not born yet when the infection first happened 20 years before hand. She too is a very innocent girl, but she really doesn’t know much and is much more ignorant to anything outside of what life is now after the infection. The only thing she really has for reading is comic books, though I am sure she was taught somethings, just not a lot about life before.

When in the outside world everything is so new to her, really reflects the innocence of her, like when she sees an ice cream truck and can’t believe a thing actually existed or sees different animals for the first time ever and melts at the site of them. She never sends mixed signals about who she is, even though she does react differently to similar things. There are times you are sneaking around and killing guys to get out and after she is in awe of what just happen. Other times when you are in full on combat Ellie has no problem jumping in and helping fight. It might be kind of different reactions, but it makes sense. She is helping to save Joel’s life and as she says in the game, they are a team and they stick together. There is never a time that Ellie complains about the violence and then turns around and stabs a man. She knows what is at risk and never questions Joel’s motives as she knows it is either them or the bad guys (or clickers).

When it comes down to it Ellie is a much more in-depth character and she is stable on every level. Sure there are times she gets scared, but when it comes to fight or flight, she is a fighter. Elizabeth on the other hand is all over the place and you can never really be sure which side of Elizabeth you are getting and either one wouldn’t be so bad if they had just stuck with that one. It would be more forgiving if they had just stuck with her being so innocent and wanting nothing bad to happen to anyone and at time getting upset or her being ok with the fact that it is either them or the bad guys of Columbia as she opens tears to weapons and turrets.

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  1. FactsChecked says:

    You DO play as Ellie in TLOU. A good 2+ hours.

  2. elliefan says:

    ELLIE! definatly

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