End Of An Era

All good things must come to an end, even one of the best gaming generations to date. The seventh generation of consoles began when Microsoft released their Xbox 360 on November 22, 2005, the console sold out immediately. Nintendo decided to jump into the seventh generation September 14, 2006 and Sony finally followed suit on November 11, 2006. Thus began the eight year long console battle between the Big Three, with Nintendo taking out the top dogs this go around, as of March 31, 2013 99.84 million Wii’s have been sold world wide. Microsoft comes in second by selling 77.2 million world wide since March 31, 2013 and the PS3 rounds out the pack with 70 million sold world wide since November 4, 2012. These were great sales for all three companies, and the competition spawned some great exclusive games which benefited all gamers world wide.

The sixth generation of consoles ended in the midst of the seventh when Sony finally stopped production on the extremely successful PS2 on January 4, 2013. This was the longest a console had ever been in production, the first PS2 shipped on March 4, 2000 and turned out to be the most purchased console in history with over 155 million units sold world wide. However, I am not here to pine about the sixth generation of consoles, I’m here to pine about our currently departing friend, the seventh generation.

Now, I along with every other gamer that populates this world knew that the end was near for this generation. The Wii U had been released to sub-par sales, and I had watched the PS4 reveal and the Xbox One reveal. Yet I had no feelings towards the imminent demise of the current generation. That was until I saw the familiar cobalt blue flashing on my Wii console, I wandered over to my system, popped it on and expected a message about the upcoming E3 conference, I was wrong. When I got to my inbox, Nintendo was telling me that some of the Channels on my Wii would no longer be available for use after a certain date. Needless to say this hit me like being dumped by a girlfriend. It really struck home the fact that the current generation of consoles was nearly at an end and I wondered, “did I use my time wisely?”

Of course I did, and I have much more time with my seventh generation seeing as I will never sell my consoles. Heck, I still have my NES and yes I do play it from time to time. I believe that I nailed all the high points of this generation, I’ve saved the universe as Commander Shepard, found treasure as Nathan Drake, flew to space with Mario, ran with the wolves Hyrule style and so much more. As I look at the stack of my games I’m yet to even take the cellophane off yet, I know that I have many more good times with the seventh generation, sometimes I go back and reminiscence with the fifth and sixth generations just to see where we have been. What about you readers? What’s your favorite generation and what’s your favorite memory from this generation? You’d better hurry up and tell it before it slowly fades away.

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  1. Gifford says:

    You have your sales numbers wrong


  2. Leanna K. says:

    You may have your sales numbers wrong;

    Most recent counts

  3. Keoterror says:

    VGChartz has been known to be wrong on multiple occasions, and I find it quite funny that you decided to create 2 accounts.

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