Fez Creator Wants to Make Huge Games

Fez creator, Phil Fish often seems to be one of the gaming industry’s biggest critics, and following him on Twitter is often a tense experience because you never know what he’ll say. He might call the 3DS “bullshit,” or he might go after his loyal followers for being so uptight.

His latest outburst on Twitter though has to deal with himself. ” i don’t want to make little weirdo games forever. eventually i want to make my bioshock/dishonored/bigbudgetwhatever game.” He then went on to say, ” i WISH i had millions of dollars and a hundred devs to make something huge!”

I don’t know if anyone could really blame him though. Indie game development is a really thankless gig. If you work on a game by yourself you ultimately pay for it with your life, and you do not get that much in return.

People get into Indie development because they want to make the game they always dreamed of making. However when they get started they realize they can not make that game because they do not have the money or the other resources needed.

Only time will tell if Phil Fish will get the resources he needs to make his ” bioshock/dishonored bigbudgetwhatever game.” I hope he does because I would love to play it.

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