GOG almost has a deal with one of three major publishers

Trevor Longino, Head of PR & Marketing at GOG has revealed in an Interview with PC Gamer that his company has “gotten really far in talks” with either Microsoft, Take-Two, or LucasArts. He of course does not mention which publisher it is, but he has to keep some secrets, right?

Trevor was asked about the possibility of getting Freelancer on to GOG. Of course if this were to happen Microsoft, the publishers behind Freelancer would have to have to on board with GOG selling the game. Trevor gave an enigmatic reply by saying.

“We announced two years ago what our top five targets are. We’ve signed two of them, and what we have left now are Microsoft, Take-Two, and LucasArts,” he noted.

“We’ve gotten really far in talks with one of those guys, and we believe probably right around the time of the next big press conference we’ll be able to say, ‘Here, we have these games.’”

He then went on to say that negotiations have gone so well that the team is already looking at what games to add.

“We pretty much have it worked out with these guys. So now we’re just talking about what games we can have, what games you have advice for. It should be awesome news for classic gamers,” he added.

“These games are such great games, even new gamers should be able to say, ‘This is an awesome game.’ There are tons of really good releases we’re working on signing on the classic games front.”

This is awesome news no matter how you look at it. Each of these respective companies have a treasure trove of great classic PC games. I can not wait to see which developer is the next to be added to GOG


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