Guild Wars 2 lacks basic security features

I absolutely love Arena Net’s latest entry into the MMORPG market, Guild Wars 2. It is a beautifully detailed game with a great art design, great sound design, great gameplay, and did I mention there is no monthly fee. You pay for the game and that is all you do, Arena Net never asks you for another cent of your money. Even though  I like the fact that there is not subscription fee I sometimes think the game would be a lot better with one. Don’t get me wrong I love the gem store, and who knows how much money I’ve spent ($150+), but the game lacks some basic features that should be included with every MMO.

Let me start by telling you what happened to not only my friend, but to thousands of other Guild Wars 2 Accounts, they got hacked. Now this is something that happens in every online game. It’s pretty much unavoidable, and you or I should not blame the hacking on Arena Net. If people like your character or like what you have, they will find a way to take it. However, It’s how Arena Net responds to the hacks that not only makes me upset, but also makes everyone who has been hacked upset.

“So my account was hacked yesterday. I have no issues with security breeches on my computer and no one knows my account information. Am I to understand all my items/gems are lost and I will not be able to recover them? If so this is poor game management. They should be able to look at the logs, see who got emailed all my gold and ban the lovely(sarcasm) people that did this.”

The above post was made by my friend, and you would assume that Arena Net should have all the tools in place to be able to recover accounts, and to ban hackers. Sadly that is not the case. Eva, a community coordinator for guild wars 2 responds to not only my friends post, but to everyone else that has been hacked by saying, “[Customer Support] won´t probably restore what you lost while the hacking took place though as they do not have the tools for that at the moment.”

You can probably understand how upset some people would be. After all your hard work on your character someone can come in hack your account and take everything. Meanwhile Arena Net will sit there and say welp sorry, but we can’t restore your items. They can’t even restore your gems, which are things that you spend your hard earned money on. Account restoration services should be something that every, and I repeat EVERY MMO should launch with. It really does baffle me that Arena Net did not even think to give this tool to their customer support team.

Let’s talk about the actual hacking though, and how Arena Net seems to be avoiding the discussion on how thousands of accounts were hacked. Many gamers are saying that they have checked their computers, and they see no sign of key loggers or trojans installed on their machines. Most of the gamers also report that no one, but themselves know their passwords. They also say that they were already using a secure alphanumerical password. To top it off even more people say that they used the mobile authenticator to add extra protection to their accounts, but these measures do not seem to have done any good.

There are really only two possible explanations for the multitude of hacking reports. One is that Arena Net has suffered a very major security breach, and they are keeping mum on the issue. Another explanation and this is the one that many people feel happened is that someone from Arena Net is hacking into accounts. I for one refuse to believe the latter of the two, but even if Arena Net is hiding something I would be even more upset.

So far the only response arena net has given is that they are sorry the accounts were hacked, and they advise gamers to use more secure passwords. The also ask you to “be vigilant on receiving emails related to game accounts.” So far they are not addressing the concerns of the gamers who were already vigilant, which makes me and others feel that they are running away from the issue.

I really do hope that Arena Net gets their act together and work on getting some account restoration tools soon. Like I said I love the game, but account security is a major concern of mine. As far as I know my account has not been hacked, and I hope it stays that way.

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