How Microsoft Dropping DRM Restrictions For Xbox One Is Good For Sony Fans

I know there are Sony fans out there that were just coasting along after the great E3 that Sony had with the PS4 and announcing that they were not going to have any DRM restrictions, any confusing rules to trading games or rules to used games. Sony showed they were listening to us, the consumer and gave us what we wanted.

Microsoft on the other hand was more interested in making publishers happy and giving them what they wanted. It was like when we vote in a President and he caters to those that backed him while he was running for President instead of the people who voted him in. However, Microsoft as finally heard the cries of their fans the world over and have changed much of the DRM policies they had set in place for the Xbox One. That or Sony doing the complete opposite forced their hand, I believe more likely the latter.

So with Microsoft coming around and making this change, I see it as a great day for Sony fans. I know, that sounds crazy and doesn’t make sense, right? Wrong! This will of course make the Xbox One more appealing to gamers and even more so to the die-hard Xbox fans. Some people on twitter are already raving about it and stating they have switched their pre-order from the PS4 to the XB1. Now this might not be great for Sony, sure, but great for the fans, because it shortens the gap and causes better competition.

Let’s say the XB1 stayed with the DRM nonsense thus making the PS4 sell wildly more systems. There would be no reason for Sony to try hard to get people to buy the PS4. They wouldn’t need bundles, sales or price cuts (not that at $400 there needs to be a price cut for a while). There is still the matter of the XB1 being $100 more than PS4 and the whole Kinect thing being mandatory and always watching you but, the big issue gamers had was the DRM stuff and now it is gone. So be ready for Sony having to try even harder now to keep people wanting their system and willing to buy it, because the competition just stepped up for them.

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7 Comments to “How Microsoft Dropping DRM Restrictions For Xbox One Is Good For Sony Fans”

  1. gjustinj says:

    MS only changed cus of their poor preorder sales.

    • bigevilworldwide says:

      Exactly they didn’t do it because they care what gamers think or because they were listening to the fans….They did it because they were getting absolutely crushed by PS4 pre-orders….They didn’t learn anything EXCEPT that they weren’t going to make money like they thought

  2. leon villanueva says:

    once the shareholders seen the backlash the writing was on the wall and they made the change….. they didin’t think about gamers when making these decisions to go with DRM checkins always kinnected webcam etc…

  3. danny says:

    Microsoft thinks it can sweap this kind of embarrassment under the rug but you cannot make the fans forget about it ether many fans of Microsoft and the xbox 360 are skeptical about the new console and never will trust them.

  4. kevin says:

    Love how folks are overreacting to some concept that never came to pass or how they state thier right were taken from them ,when the console is not even on store shelfs. Talk about Dramatics

  5. rambo says:

    Microsoft always claimed that the publishers were making them do the DRM stuff, everybody can see now that they were lying out of their @ss, I hope they absolutely get crushed this gen, I have both 360 and ps3 im not a fanboy of either but do hate the way MS and Don Matrick dealt with the whole thing, Araagant @sshole should be fired…….

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