Kickstar-a-GoGo baby! Indie games you may have never heard of

I personally love Kickstarter and indiegogo and I am always looking through the sites’ pages for new and interesting games, I don’t simply window shop mind you.

Here are two indie games looking for a little help from gamers, note that I have already donated on Kickstarter and indiegogo and beyond backing the project(s) I have no hand in these games creation.


This game is being made by Asylum Creatures, a Poland based game company that has released only one game on ios, (un)lucky 7 is described as a “horror, sci-fi themed, jRPG-view, story-driven, pixelart puzzle game”.

The story for (un)Lucky7 is that six prisoners are sentenced to life along with an android, they are sent into the unknown regions of space in a ship powered by an experimental engine, they are promised freedom if they explore the region while also testing the new ship.

Of course something goes wrong, when the prisoners arrive on an alien planet they find an entrance to a base that seemed abandoned but are soon trapped inside, now the seven people marked for death must fight and survive while they search for a way to escape the planet.

I forgot to mention the game is being done by two people, a programmer and an artist, there is a third person and he creates the game’s soundtrack.

If you’re interested in checking this game out you can take a look at the campaign, You can also vote for it on Steam Greenlight.


Cryamore is a game I’m very excited to not only hear about but see, even if it was only an pre-alpha build, this beauty of a game is interesting not only because of the premise but because of the heroine, Esmyrelda Maximus.

Cryamore is a mineral used as elemental catalysts to power a number of things like bathing and cooking and even humans, but taking the minerals over a course of time has caused an imbalance on the island of Noka.

This causes monsters to appear out of nowhere and they begin to sap resources from Esmy’s town, she’s then commissioned by the Town Council Chief to search for alternate Cryamore resources.

You can find the wonderful pitch video and other info on Cryamore on the game’s Kickstarter page.

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