Kickstarter Alert: Buddy & Me

There is always something interesting to find on Kickstarter, especially when it comes to indie games, Kickstarter has become the go to place for indie developers to find funding support for their games.

We have covered a few of those games in the past, every now and then I find a game that catches more than just my eyes, some games on Kickstarter makes me want to play them even in their alpha stages.

Buddy & Me is one of those games, being developed by Sunbreak Games, founded in 2012 by veteran developer Jason Behr,  this 2D platformer is being built for mobile and tablet devices in mind and stars a young boy and his flying monster friend Buddy.


Here is the description given from developer Sunbreak Games:

“As the boy falls asleep each night, a strange transformation takes place. A mysterious golden light appears outside, the bedroom shakes, and it feels like the entire house is being lifted upwards. Startled, he sits up and looks out the window, only to see a giant, familiar orange face looking in, with a wide-eyed friendly grin, beckoning him to come out and play. Smiling, the boy grabs his hoodie, opens the door, and steps into the light… he suddenly realizes his room is no longer in his home, but suspended high in the treetop canopy, the first of an endless series of treehouse platforms and bridges leading deep into the enchanted forest. Night after night, dream after dream, the boy returns to this enchanted place. It’s here that he meets and plays with his best friend, a magical flying creature named Buddy, a loyal companion that watches over him. Together they run, jump, glide, swing, bounce, and fly through the night, racing as far as they can before waking.”

The wonderful description wasn’t the thing that caught my attention, it was the beautiful look of the game. The animation and bright colors both look as if I was watching a fun Saturday morning cartoon.

Of course there’s Buddy himself, he’s a flying friendly monster that will help you along your journey. Buddy will help players reach higher areas or help you cross gaps that are too far.


The game is planned for A June 2013 release for iOS devices but, if the developers reach a small stretch goal they will release the game on Android.

You can check out the game’s campaign on Kickstarter now and also check out the studio’s website.

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