Killer Instinct: Trademark Denied.

The collective eyes of fighting game fans lit up earlier in the year when it was revealed that Microsoft applied to renew the trademark “Killer Instinct” in the U.S.  While Microsoft did not divulge any specific plans for the trademark, speculation hinted at an XBLA remake or sequel.

Microsoft’s trademark application was refused by the United States Patent and Trademark Office due to similarities between it and a currently held trademark by Fox.

The office states that there is a “likelihood of confusion” between the two trademarks.  The trademark held by Fox is likely for a short lived show that aired in 2005 by the name of “Killer Instinct”.  Neither Microsoft or Fox have commented on the trademark situation as yet.

There has not been an official Killer Instinct game released since Killer Instinct Gold for the N64 released in 1996. The Killer Instinct games still prove popular fodder for the emulation crowd, and the series has a hardcore following on the Internet.

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