Mane6 dev team gets the Skullgirls engine

If you’ve been paying attention to Skullgirls lately  you’ll know that they have had an Indiegogo campaign to enhance the game. They had been surpassed their original goal of $150,00 a while ago, but they kept adding stretch goals that included new themes, characters, and stories. The final amount raised was $829,829

One of the stretch goals included giving the Mane6 dev team the engine used to develop Skullgirls. If you are not familiar with the name Mane6 you will be forgiven. They are developers behind the mlp: Fighting is Magic, which saw the ponies of My Little Pony fighting each other. The development team was given a cease and desist letter by Hasbro, and was forced to stop development.

Then came Lauren Faust, the creator of the new My Little Pony TV Show. She is currently helping the Mane6 team by developing new ponies for a game completely separate from the My Little Pony franchise. So with a new engine, and new ponies the team looks forward to finally completing the game. Who wouldn’t want to see a bunch of ponies beating the crap out of each other?

To check in on the progress Mane6 is making on the game click here to be taken to their dev blog

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