Mass Effect Mod Releases For Star Wars: Battlefront II

Any chance of us ever getting to play Star Wars: Battlefront III might have been thrown out the window when the game was canceled at “99% completion” in 2008. However, we can still play its predecessor, Star Wars: Battlefront II. That game still has a strong modding community that are making great mods almost all the time. One of newest mods was made by a team called Frayed Wire Studios.

The new mod is called Mass Effect: Unification, and the reason behind that name is because “this mod is the unification of the three Mass Effect epics into a single mod.” The mod contains various sides that you can play as, and they are Systems Alliance, Geth, Collectors, Eclipse, Reaper Forces, and Cerberus. As you can tell they stretch far and wide across the Mass Effect Universe. Each side has there own weapon set, and it is most definitely a long list. So to get all that information you can visit the mode page at Gametoast.

The Mod currently supports maps from both the base game, and the Sol map pack. There are plans to deign and include various maps from Mass Effect. Some of these maps are the Normandy SR-2, Tuchanka, Virmire, The Citadel, Omega, Eden Prime, and many more.

Most mods that put one videogame into another usually do not have happy endings. The publisher, which in this case in EA sends a Cease and Desist letter to the mod creator telling them to take the mod down, or face jail time for copyright infringement. Nowhere did I see on the mod page that Bioware gave them permission to use their art assets or name for this mod. I hope the creator was careful and did seek permission because this truly is a great mod.

To get a feel for the mod a video was made by the creators, and I will post that below for you to look at.

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