Microsoft Seems Unsettled With Xbox One

We are finally coming up to the next generation of consoles; we will have the PlayStation 4, which I have already pre-ordered and the Xbox One, which I do not have pre-ordered. When E3 came about and Microsoft leading up to it and during it was doing everything wrong I sat back and thought to myself “This is why I don’t like Microsoft”. The problems seemed endless and on top of all of it they didn’t seem to grasp the concept of what gamers wanted. I almost felt sorry for their ignorance. However, Microsoft just kept digging themselves deeper.

At E3 Microsoft did keep their promise to show us tons of games during their press conference. Some of those games I was really interested in playing, but at the end of the day everything about the Xbox One turned me off of it. Then right after E3 Microsoft started to take a turn. It seemed it finally sank into their thick skulls that making the gamers happy is what was needed to push system. The infamous “Xbox 180″ took place as Microsoft quickly took away all the online DRM and used game issues everyone had with the system. Then Microsoft put it out that indie developers can self-publish. Now they are changing their mind on not only putting a headset in with each system, but they are also making it so Xbox One doesn’t have to have the Kinect hooked up to the system to have the console work.

This is all well and good, making the Xbox One that much more appealing to me and probably to gamers everywhere, but I do have to wonder what is going on at Microsoft. At this point the Xbox One should be renamed The Other PlayStation 4. However, with the amount of backpedaling Microsoft has been doing with the Xbox One still makes owning the console somewhat unsettling. First of all it shows they have no confidence in the product that they started with, basically pulling it apart and gluing it back together as things move along toward the release date. Second the changing of the online DRM and used games stuff was all about pandering to the game publishers and not to the games and most likely got changed due to a lack of pre-orders compared to the PlayStation 4 right after E3 finished and now finally taking out the need to have the Kinect hooked up to have the system shows a lack of faith in this glorified add-on which no one asked for in the first place.

The last thing I want to do is come off as Microsoft can do no right. Again these changes do make the Xbox One more appealing to me to someday own, but in the manner of how Microsoft unveiled the console and then started making changes left and right to basically be almost a PlayStation 4 clone makes it seem like Microsoft is lost. Sony made bad choices with the PlayStation 3, but stuck by those choices as much as possible. They have also came out and admitted to those mistakes and proven that they wanted to turn this around with the PlayStation 4. So much so that not only does it seem like gamers are flocking to the PlayStation 4, but that Microsoft tried cloning them almost. If Microsoft would have revealed the Xbox One as the system it is today I would have thought Microsoft was on the right path and I would have been more eager to pick up the console.

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  1. caddy says:

    So i guess you like the word “Clone” then, Shit article,,,,,

  2. Joephus says:

    The most unsettling part of XBOX ONE is definitely their lack in faith in their own product. Microsoft executives even noted that it was built upon DRM and Kinect, and that they couldn’t simply “change it”, as it was apparently easier said than done. They even went to the extent of saying “stick with XBOX 360″ and “deal with it”, if you don’t want the internet-requirement feature.

    Then behold, a few days later they announced the infamous “Xbox 180″.
    Even the people working on the XBOX ONE don’t even have the slightest clue what the XBOX ONE really is.

    As a consumer, I look at this and begin to question what they envision for the XBOX and what could happen later on. It’s like the saying goes, “it takes a lifetime to built trust, but a single action to destroy it.” Point is, I felt like I lost their trust and their inability to cater the needs and wants of the consumers.

    Call me a fanboy as you will, but personally the PS3 has proven to be the better ‘gaming/media’ console. While the launch was questionable, overtime they still stuck to what “they believed” in. They envisioned it, and now its a brilliant machine as it is today. I think Sony knows better how to handle the pain and gain, and that’s why I will choose the PlayStation 4.

  3. heavenshitman1 says:

    I have little opinion about M’soft and their XB1 much at all generally speaking. But just on the point of the Kinect 2 unit. If it doesn’t have to be required for system function. That’s a good move. But I still think they’d very much best make it a standard part of any SKU they sell.
    Kinect 2 is one of the few details that sets XB1 above and beyond PS4 in the long run. If anyone used their imagination, that device could be put to world changing use.
    Examples I’ve given before include, exercising in front of the system and having your XB1 real time tracking all your internal vitals every moment without the need for any on body peripherals. Or another far more long shot [may not be technically possible, but this is brain storming] example I figured is the Kinect 2 could view inside a pregnant mothers belly, via infra-red, becoming a 24/7 available home based “ultra-sound” replacement.
    But if they remove Kinect 2 out any SKU’s, it’s going to be a totally wasted feature. Devs often can’t afford to programme for non-standard peripherals [also why I believe the Vita won't compete as a second screen device for PS4] And that in itself I think would utterly destroy XB1′s long term success.

    • Joephus says:

      That’s wishful thinking though. About the ‘ultrasound’ scenario, it’s not a simple infra-red analysis. You simply can’t use infra-red waves that travels across the room to scan inside a human body. It involves a principle known piezoelectric effect by using quartz and electrical currents, which in turn produce sound waves. That’s why they also use a mineral-based oil to prevent air from obstructing the sound waves to the body. Even with that, the overall image isn’t highly defined even in close proximity. I can’t even begin to imagine how awful it would look far away (if it was even possible to begin with).

      Also, the amount of heat generated during a real ultrasound is a negative condition of it, so having a device in-home capable of producing sufficient heat through ultrasound isn’t a good thing at all.

      I guess it’s a double edged sword. You can have a mandatory add-on which allows devs an instant group-based but at the expense that not all want it nor actually want to use it. (Personally I’ve tried playing interactive games with motion and its fun at first but it really does get you physically stressed quickly. Also, I don’t want a game like say Black Ops and have to ‘wave your hands’ to do this and that… its really pointless)
      Then the other side is that with no mandatory add-on, the group-based is smaller thus less devs will support it.

      IMO, Kinect has its benefits but as a gamer I really don’t want that kind of motion control, especially without any physical controls.

      • heavenshitman1 says:

        Fair enough, I figured the infra-red wouldn’t be that capable of scanning the internals of human mass. M’softs reps have declared Kinect 2 can see the blood flow inside ones body. Which depending how hi-rez, could give pregnancy information in itself. But was purely a random idea. Maybe the Kinect 2 could be used as a lie detector, monitoring surface body temperatures, combined with facial recognition and heart rate monitoring. Just needs the software.
        But case in point, u can virtually obliterate half these ideas if the mass populace simply wont care to lash out for the device.
        Conversly, if u force the consumers to have it, even if XB1 sells less initially, just one of these types of in home revolutionary ideas, could make XB1 the undisputed primo must have console in the long run. Rendering PS4 almost an obsolete machine.
        I’m not fussed personally either way, got my WiiU and PC. But if I were working for M’soft, I’d be pushing for Kinect 2 pretty seriously

  4. mike says:

    After the Xbox one release, I hope there won’t be a lot of airplanes crashing…

    ..With the new advanced wireless technology used on the new Xbox one controllers(those that barely only have some visual changes and minor tweaks, enough for being called ‘new’, so people can’t use the x360 ones and have to open their wallets), many new races, eventually some Drells, Asaris and Salariens, from the terminus system, will be attracted by that new amazing technology, and will invade our atmosphere, which is going to be really cluttered . Just like Einstein and the nuclear technology were ahead of time, Microsoft clearly have here about 60-70 years advance over the competition.

    According to microsoft press, the same genious/engineers that discovered that the ESRam used on the Xbox one could read/write 400 times faster than the ps4′s gddr5 just did it again. Google and AT&T are already interested on this new technology: instead of deploying thousands kilometers of optical fiber deep into the Atlantic ocean, they could simply hold an Xbox one remote controller in New-york and a second one in London, and initiate the connectivity. In their labs, 2 controllers successfully handled all the YouTube traffic during several hours: we can already dream of what we will be able to do, with 2 multitap device and several controllers. Too bad the full charged AA batteries only last 3.60 seconds. But no problem here: after microsoft lost his virginity to Sony, by using a bluray drive on the Xbox one, they won’t be shy, and will kindly ask Sony’s permission to use the dualshock 3 battery on their new controllers.

    As a reminder, don’t forget the Xbox one will be released after the 14th of February 2014. All the last-minute policies reverse, the huge 5 billion transistor CPU/GPU/esram heating/yielding issues , the diskinection of kinekt, the dozens thousands of lines of code developers had to write,append or modify, on current games, so these could adapt to the no DRM/no always online/no mandatory kinekt,etc changes, along with the prism/NSA worldwide fear, along with the power brick huge consumption and the noisy 8 inches fan, it was just too much, and the xbox one wouldn’t be ready for its initial November launch. Sure, if the problem was the risk of a rrod v2, microsoft would still release it.people would buy it at stores, and instead of driving home, the always-happy customers would drive to a post office and send the full box to the repair center. Another proof microsoft respect and take care of their customers: instead of letting them go home, start playing and having the brand new Xbox one overheating and dying after 360 minutes, they prefer warning all the customers, so they go straight to the repair center. Thanks, dear microsoft. Ign,gamespot,Forbes,Eurogamer,CNN and polygon were right, when they gave a score of 11/10 to the Xbox one, and asked everybody in the USA to rush and buy one.thank you guys. Thanks to you and your articles, nobody in the US will get the 25x less powerful ps4, by being caugth by surprise, like the pearl harbour.

    OK, I just wanted to laugh a bit, don’t be too mean with the disagree button :)
    Of course, I was a bit sarcastic. Will put the /s, just in case.


    PS. I was specially sarcastic when I said microsoft lost his virginity to Sony.of course, everybody on this planet knows they aren’t virgin since a long long time: all the Xbox gamers they happily f’ed really hard, once a year, with live gold subscription and rrod, and all the fans that have been swallowing everything microsoft just serves them, and then spitting amazing things and features all over some forums that bring news for us, gamers, well, they are rather active, at least, sexualy, almost as active as when they play a new ‘real-life’ game they discovered last may: catch-up.

    OK, I’ll be a bit serious, now.
    A friend of mine, who knows a secret guy, at foxconn, who knows a secret guy, at silicon valley, today, asked a fortuneteller about the latest microsoft masterchiefs meeting, and here is what they have discussed:

    During next week Gamescom, microsoft I going to shake and shock the whole planet, and will announce they will be selling the Xbox one at 379$, which comes with the console, HDMI cable, kinekt sensor, 1 gamepad and a mono headset. Actually, after seeing their latest move, which consisted in making the Xbox one ‘kinekt-independent’, didn’t really helped bringing back the Xbox fans who moved to Sony, they decided to make a last move, and sell the Xbox one cheaper than the ps4. The operation should cost 10 million x 121$ = 1.21 billion $. They decided those costs would be covered by 10 million live gold subscriptions, which should give them around 600 million $. With this strategy, they will be sure of selling at least 10 million Xbox one, in a couple of months, which would be great. If those 10 million users do buy 3 full games each, if they make 20$ net per game, they will have another 600 million $. As a result, they have a Xbox one install base of 10 million users, and the loss due to the 379$ price, well, there is no loss, live gold and games will pay it,within 2-3 months. They will pick that live gold cash from the Xbox 360 department, which will be a bit less profitable, but they now already have a good 10M users base, they didn’t lose any money with the low retail price, and he system has a big momentum.

    This is what the fortuneteller just said. Come back here in one week, and modify those comments where you call me idiot.

    OK, big comment, maybe nobody will read it, but who cares. I had a nice time writing down those dumb things ;)

  5. Megaman says:

    So when people cry about DRM,Always Connected,No indie support ect and that Microsoft dosnt listen to GAMERS Blah blah blah AND as soon as they CHANGE the thing that we WANT and CRY about YOUR still CRYING an writing these dumb stuff about Xbox 180…..
    Microsoft Seems Unsettled With Xbox One…….Instead of just giving Microsoft credit for listening to US and making the X1 a better system before it releases we have people CRYING still…..Buy the systems to play games an appreciate that there listening and fixing

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