Were the Next-Gen Consoles Rushed to Market?


From blue lights of death to faulty HDMI ports, and game delays to resolution upscale patches, it seems that the PS4 and the Xbox One were rushed to market.

It’s troublesome that we’re mentioning the devices being rushed when you remember that the Xbox 360 and the PS3 had one of the longest generational runs to date. We’ve heard unsubstantiated rumors of PS4 hardware sabotage by Foxconn interns, but they didn’t have a hand in creating the PS4’s lack luster launch lineup and Microsoft’s developers shouldn’t have a hard time getting 1080p resolution on the Xbox One considering its specs are so similar to its PS4 counterpart. I know every launch has it bumps, but Sony had seven years and Microsoft had between consoles; so why all the problems?

I always buy my console at launch and can’t wait for Sony’s second patch to come out so they can repair all the issues so don’t get me wrong. I’m not slamming the system out of some personal hated. I expect that some defective consoles will make it to consumers, but it seems a new defect has been discovered every day since launch. I was unable to set up my PS4 the first day, so I caught all the news on blue lights and jammed servers. It made me scared to hook up my system if was only b to be faulty. I have a friend that suffered an HDMI issue, he contacted Sony to proceed with the replacement procedure and the time it’ll take him to get a new system is a little concerning. I just got my console and don’t want to wait more than four days to even receive the box to put it in.

I’m glad we finally have new consoles; the game worlds these will produce in the next couple years should be breath taking, but why does early adoption always make me feel like I should’ve waited for the second batch? I’ll own both consoles eventually and I love the PS4’s controller and console design, but the delay of Watch Dogs really narrowed the selection of games that I would consider must have. I bought my PS4 for future titles, but whatever happened to having system-selling games at launch?

Xbox One comes out later this week with a nice selection of games, but the resolution problems and some developers claiming the PS4 is more powerful, put the Xbox One on my back burner. I purchased both the original Xbox and the 360 at launch. I love the Halo franchise, but the talk of developers needing to get comfortable with using ESRAM and that it may be the cause of the resolution issue has me waiting for the next Halo game before buying an Xbox One. Microsoft’s silence on the issue doesn’t exactly inspire confidence. Some might say, “It’s about the games!”, but when one console is more expensive than the other I want to see better performance, not worse.

It seems that the console makers had a vision of where the gaming market was going and what gamers would tolerate, but at least for the short term they were wrong. I’m sure if gamers’ didn’t express our feelings on DRM, both consoles would have built in restrictions and nothing would have been removed at the last minute. It also seems the match game regarding what parts to put into the system was going on until the last possible minute; like the rumors about Microsoft believing that the PS4 was shipping with 4GB of GDDR5 instead of 8, or Microsoft increasing the speed of the CPU and GPU. I love the promise that both these consoles hold, but with a little more time or better planning, the current reality could’ve all been in 1080P, and free of hardware crippling bugs.

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Rickey is a gamer to the core, He can remember at the early stages of his life playing pong, for every generation that has been, He has owned a console in that generation, He likes to study the architecture, the structure,and the software of every system that he has owned. From Atari, to Sega, to Nintendo,to Sony, and his favorite company Microsoft, he has been there gaming.

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  1. gyrene2083 says:

    I agree, I am a Sony fan, and still have my first Sony as well as my first X Box. I am saddened to see the games that are available at launch. It used to be that you got a game in the box, but to Sony’s credit they do have some free games as downloads in the store.

    I am terribly frustrated with the fact that my Turtle beach XP400 won’t work without a PS4 chat cable, but doesn’t he PS4 have blue tooth? Hell it could see the headset but they just don’t pair.

    So I have a keyboard, a remote for my PS3 that are both blue tooth and now your telling me the PS4 has blue tooth but my PS3 equipment won’t work out the box, and they are blue tooth too? Then I hear my Assassins Creed is actually going to play in 900p not 1080p without a patch. I didn’t expect to have to wait for patches to possibly get them to work.

    I have the X Box one coming this week for my son, another disappointment with that already is that I bought him COD Ghosts digitally on his 360. Now I heard from Gamestop that he won’t be able to transfer that over. Then I read that you can with a ten dollar upgrade, from here . What crap, how much more money do you want out of my pocket. If it can’t be done my son is just going to have to play on his 360 then.

    Even with all the above gripes, I am still happy with the future and possibilities these next gen consoles will bring us.

    -Semper Fi

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