Should Nintendo plan for a WII-U Two?

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Should Nintendo plan for a WII-U Two?

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While Microsoft and Sony debate whose teraflops are bigger, I wonder where Nintendo falls in the race for gamers’ hearts and minds.  With all the shiny graphics: complex AI, mo-cap, and physics we have this generation; Nintendo’s next generation console is still fighting for market shares with previous generation’s consoles almost one year in. How can Nintendo compete with a PS4 and Xbox 1 whose graphical and computational abilities outpace their system by a significant margin?

Nintendo fans are loyal. When a Zelda, Mario, and Smash Bros. Game come out Nintendo will move units, but can the Wii-U survive on the occasional blockbuster? As a gamer I crave beautiful expansive worlds; can the Wii-U hardware run next gen games designed for the Xbox 1 and the PS4? If the Wii-U isn’t able to run games built from the ground up for next gen consoles; what happens to multi-platform games for the Wii-U?  The question for Nintendo now is whether or not to have a four year console life and release a new system more capable than the Xbox 1 and PS4.

Microsoft has proven that changes can be made when public perception is negative; the features and policies that have been modified since the Xbox 1 was first announced are substantial.  They’ve also shown that amending a poor decision doesn’t make a company weak, and can actually prove fruitful as evidenced by the jump in Xbox 1 pre-orders after the removal of DRM. Changing a policy pre-launch is significantly less costly than retiring a console early, but can the Wii-U cycle span more than five years? And if so, can the Wii-U keep up with the graphic horse power of its competitors coming out this year? It might be wise for Nintendo to get what they invested in the Wii-U and release a console within the next 3 years. After all, Nintendo has stated that the Wii-U is profitable after just one game sale and if Bayonetta 2 is the best we can expect from the Wii-U’s visuals in the coming future, it will be quickly outpaced come November and December.

As a gamer, I want the big three: Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo. Competition breeds quality, innovation, and overall bang for my buck. I want a Nintendo console every five or six years. I think if Nintendo decides to stick with the Wii-U for seven or eight years like the Xbox 360 and the PS3, then the Wii-U will be the last game console that Nintendo makes.  Building a new console three years from now is a gamble, but so is waiting for the PS4 and the Xbox 1 to shore up the market.

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For all gamers: whether you’re a fan of Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo; competition is needed to keep these companies producing the best they have to offer.  The reason Microsoft had to change the Xbox 1 is because consumers were pre-ordering the PS4 in higher numbers than their system, and making it known why. Nintendo has a chance to compete because of an iconic gaming catalog. Consumers will always buy a Nintendo console because it’s the only way to see beloved characters in new worlds, but in a changing market geared towards taking over the living room it might be smart to get a plan in place. One that allows for the creation of a more capable console with a strong online structure and graphics that can actually keep up with the competition


–By Rickey Gibson and Tyler Zdenek



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Rickey is a gamer to the core, He can remember at the early stages of his life playing pong, for every generation that has been, He has owned a console in that generation, He likes to study the architecture, the structure,and the software of every system that he has owned. From Atari, to Sega, to Nintendo,to Sony, and his favorite company Microsoft, he has been there gaming.

7 Comments to “Should Nintendo plan for a WII-U Two?”

  1. rayotron says:

    Maybe you should cpnvert to pc gaming if graphic is all That matters to you.

  2. smashbrolink says:

    Saying that the Wii U’s graphics will be outpaced to the point where you wouldn’t play the games, after looking at how gorgeous Bayonetta 2 is looking as it is coming along, only goes to show that you don’t actually care about anything other than specs.

    The visuals of the Wii U are more than grand enough to deliver deep, rich experiences. If they were not, then Platinum wouldn’t have accepted the offer to even make Bayonetta 2.
    They would have accepted the inevitable and allowed the sequel to fade into obscurity if they thought the Wii U wasn’t capable of handling it.

    You also forget the upcoming titles such as Sonic Lost World, X from Monolith Soft, and the various multiplatform titles coming to the Wii U that play just as good as their counterparts despite the lack of additional explosion particles on their graphics.

    Like so many opinionated authors before you, you’re placing far too much importance on extra sparkles, when games

  3. Coal says:

    We’ll have to wait to see what happens Christmas 2013, or just a little there after. PS4/XB1 is also competing against PS3/360. The games still coming for those systems, and the unit sales they’re still making, will stall the next gen units after launch I believe. Pre-orders maybe good, but not so sure the market can afford the new gen hardware yet. A costly venture. A new launch unit, extra brand new controllers to run on them, new subscription fees (for Sony), new games to run on them. No BC.
    WiiU is still the clear cheapest, BC with Wii Controllers and games. It’s also got most it’s kinks sorted out with the OS and games drought. I’m sure it’ll be more competitive in the coming 6 months.
    Assuming WiiU doesn’t hold it’s own in light of PS4/XB1, well Nintendo would be best to ride it out for 5 years pumping games the best they can. Can’t retire WiiU too early, the successor would never keep up with PS4/XB1
    PS4/XB1 are still yet to prove themselves also. They need to show they can avoid system crashes/glitches, unit failures, and have their games actually release. Will see if they suffer any drought as well, and they’re also competing directly against each other still. They will virtually dilute each others sales 50/50

  4. Parko says:

    Nah, Nintendo shouldn’t plan for a Wii U Two, that would cause even more confusion than there already is. They now have a HD console and if they release awesome software, people will buy… eventually.

  5. 1800aaacool says:

    ithink they should with a gamecube controller add on because I seriously can’t stand the pad, I love he games though

  6. 1800aaacool says:

    I think they should with a gamecube controller add on because I seriously can’t stand the pad, I love he games though

  7. CosmicThought416 says:

    The Japanese game company big wigs need to go back to basics….forget about marketing for the family and kids…

    Make a brand new system, name it the Ultra Nintendo or Nintendo Platinum….get your graphics on the level of PS4 and Xbox One, and make the greatest Super Mario World Game ever created….. Followed by the greatest Zelda game…then some how get the worst company in the world Square-Enix to bring Final Fantasy back to Nintendo as a stand alone title…..

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