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Coming off of their successive Kickstarter campaign Lacuna Entertainment is working full force to deliver their first game, Noctemis.

I got in contact with Lacuna Entertainment’s Ian Hess to talk about Noctemis and who the main character, Eldwin Kershner, is and his purpose in the game.

OmniGamer: What is your title at Lacuna Entertainment and what is your job?

Ian Hess: My title is Lead Developer.  My job is to make sure that every piece of artwork that goes into the game is exactly as it was envisioned in our completed concept document. I keep the theme matching and also develop what happens during the game: Dialogue, creatures, storyline, items, dungeons, etc.

OmniGamer: What exactly is Noctemis?

Ian Hess: Noctemis is a Action-Adventure-Horror Sidescroller.  The environments are all 3D but the game holds a 2D camera style (think trine).  Noctemis is a digital game that will be released on a majority of major gaming platforms and digital media websites.  Noctemis revolves around a world filled with nightmarish creatures that you as the player must defeat in order to save the city of Horrow-Brook.

OmniGamer: How long has Noctemis been in development?

Ian Hess: The entire design process has been in development for about a year; however we started working on the game full-time about 6 months ago.

OmniGamer: Who exactly is Eldwin Kershner?

Ian Hess: Eldwin Kershner is the main character of Noctemis. Eldwin is a German scientist who has a very colorful past that will be revealed throughout the game and will find out that he has a very colorful future in store for him as well.  Eldwin slowly develops into a powerful spirit hunter as you progress through the game and you begin to learn more about his backstory as you play the game.

Eldwin Kershner


OmniGamer: You’re using the Unity 3D engine correct? What kind of benefits did that provide the team?

Ian Hess: We are indeed using Unity 3D.  Unity allows for a very specialized animation and lighting system that is completely customizable through code and training and allowed us to really make the game look exactly how we wanted it.  On top of that Unity 3D is a very powerful engine that is easy to use and even easier to maintain master copies of your game builds. Also Unity 3D features a real time code running system that allows you to see your code changes as you make them(this is extremely helpful).

OmniGamer: The concept art looks dark and grim; will the game be strictly a dark and adult theme adventure?

Ian Hess: The game is oriented for people ages 12 and up and tries to keep a very adult theme throughout the progression of the game, however as you delve into Eldwin’s memories throughout the game you will find there are some happy scenes and moments during the game, though these too stay very serious and keep the theme of Noctemis.

OmniGamer: You’ve recently shown off a couple of enemy character models, how many kinds of creatures can the player expect to face?

Ian Hess: More and more creatures are either being developed as we need new roles filled for puzzles or dungeon scenarios and older creatures that no longer are needed or do not quite fit the theme are thrown out all the time.  However the final creature count we are looking at is around 60-80 creatures (not including NPC’s)

OmniGamer: Will Eldwin be the only playable character or will players get a chance to play as Selica?

Ian Hess: Throughout most of the game you play as only Eldwin, however as storyline curves develop it became appropriate and necessary to switch the perspective to other characters at certain points in these “Dream sequences” in order to better tell the storyline.  These are very brief periods of time and do not feature a lot of combat controls, however you do move around and talk as these characters and therefore technically you do play as them.  Also, Eldwin has a special “Spirit Form” as one of his spells he learns that allows you to play as a devastating spirit creature for brief periods of time (It’s like going super Saiyan).

OmniGamer: What platform(s) will get a release?

Ian Hess: We are for sure releasing the game on Linux, Mac, PC, and OUYA, we are working on all the others and the licensing required for them.

OmniGamer: You mention puzzles; will the player need to manipulate the 3D world around them in order to solve them?

Ian Hess: The player will manipulate in game objects as well as traversing back and forth between parts of the dungeon in order to affect things in other areas.

OmniGamer: Who is Mon Sr and what part does he play in the game?

Ian Hess: Mon. Sr is the leader of the order and is responsible for bringing Syrum S and training the people of Horrowbrook to fight against the spirits. He is a Messiah of sorts to the people of the town; they respect and revere him as though he is their savior. He is the most skilled spirit Hunter of all time and carries around a large blade and is wrapped in a cloak. Mon Sr will train you throughout the game and guide you in your adventure.

OmniGamer: Will there OUYA support on day 1?

Ian Hess: This is actually a touchy question, we are trying to make it that way however there is no promises.

OmniGamer: What can players expect when it comes to boss fights?

Ian Hess: Each boss fight is extremely different; all of them are extremely unique in their own way.  Most of them can influence their environment, destroy terrain around them, and have abilities that you have to dodge.  We are going for a very classic feeling here when it comes to boss fights.  Think the Zelda games, it will be very similar.

OmniGamer: Are there any plans for a demo at the moment?

Ian Hess: We are hoping for a demo by May at the Berserkon convention in Duluth MN. We are very close to having a playable demo and we hope it will be completed by then.

OmniGamer: Will the game be a one shot or are there plans for multiple games set in the world of Noctemis?

Ian Hess: The game itself will be a one shot, however it is very possible that other games could be released in the perspective of different characters either before Eldwin becomes a spirit hunter (during the decade of darkness) or during the same time as Eldwin. However the adventures of Eldwin in the world of Noctemis begin and end with this game and will have no sequels, only other possible story arcs.

OmniGamer: What is the release date that Lacuna is shooting for?

Ian Hess: Between first and second quarter of 2014.

You can check out the  Lacuna Entertainment website and pre-order Noctemis; available in four different editions: regular, plus, enhanced and collectors.

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