November Of Shame: The Shame of Jeff

The Shame of Jeff

I have been playing video games for years and years and over that time I have done some things that I am ashamed of. I am sure that at one point in time every gamer has done something in a game that he/she is ashamed of, rather it be the health or gun cheat codes in GTA3 (Grand Theft Auto 3) or rage quitting (cutting the system off after a defeat because your pissed or just don’t want to take the L, I hate that especially in fighting games!), we have all done one thing or another that other gamers would frown upon, that we ourselves frown upon. I recently have been going through a personal tug of war with Dark Souls. Let me preface my confession with this statement: I love FROM SOFTWARE’s Demon Souls/ Dark Souls series. Even though Dark Souls is not an official sequel to Demon Souls the game-play and concept were enough for me.


That said, I recently have committed THE CHEAT! Yes that’s right I did the DragonHead Glitch. For those who don’t know the DragonHead Glitch is used to multiply souls, which are used to upgrade your character or purchase items/ weapons. The Head glitch can also be used to multiply other items but we will only be talking about how I used this glitch so very shamefully… I don’t really like using glitches to gain an upper hand in video games in fact I normally despise it. I don’t judge other gamers that do it because, each his own, right? I played the game all the way through, beat the final boss and started a new game+ (which is just a new game but with heightened difficulty). I linked up with a random player online and we chatted, he told me about a couple of glitches that I should try because my current character was weak. So I did them, I went through the steps to do the bottomless box glitch (which just transfers your current characters items, weapons, and armor to a new character) and the DragonHead Glitch so I could level up my character. I took me about 45 minutes before I was able to actually complete the DragonHead glitch but once I started to see my souls multiply I didn’t want to stop. One thing you should know about the execution of this glitch is that the final step requires you to hold the square button (or the “B” button) down, and as long as you hold that whatever your multiplying (in my case souls) will continue to increase. I was greedy and my new love for this glitch took over. I got out of my chair, still holding the square button, went and found some tape and taped the button down. I then walked away from the game for about two hours and let the souls come rolling in!!!


It doesn’t stop there. I was looking forward to the DLC for Dark Souls and prepared to buy it the day it came out. I read multiple places online that the DragonHead glitch would get crushed with the update patch. I still don’t have the new DLC….LOL

Shameful or Justifiable??   What do you think?

Please post your comments below and feel free to post a shameful act of yours or …a friend.


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Jeff is a true gamer, he has played video games since he was little and never stopped. He loves anime and Japanese stuff, especially martial arts movies. He is as outgoing as a true gamer that is married can be and hopes to make it to an EVO tournament someday. Favorite games include: Shadow of the Colossus, The Uncharted Series, The Dead Space Series and SoulCalibur 2-5, and Viewtiful Joe.

5 Comments to “November Of Shame: The Shame of Jeff”

  1. JavonSL says:

    Great post! I myself am a noted rage quitter…… no shame in my game I will “accidently” power off a system when getting killed in Madden, lol.

  2. Pam says:

    Awesome post Jeff, you really know how to bring up some thoughts some people have a hard time sharing. I am a victim to cutting the TV off when I am not winning.


  3. MrsJHJ says:

    Ok so I’m almost ashamed but maybe I’m not…in Soul Caliber, while I’m practicing with Ivy, I’d get a character that I hate(d) (used to be Xianghua b/c she’s my Husband’s favorite character) & put them on hard & try to defeat them because my Husband said that this was the best way to be good at a game (since this was his favorite, I gave it a shot). After being knocked off the ledge a couple of times, I would put the hated character on freeze & get knock them off the ledge several times. I could feel my blood boiling over the taunts Xianghua gave me earlier & would wish I was a part of the game so I can get my revenge. I didn’t learn a lesson from any of this :0) which is why I continue to do it.

    Then there was my Sims. I’m a pretty peaceful Simmer but for some reason I really wanted my chic Sims to date a computer controled Sim who had a girlfriend. I have no idea why I did it (could be that my Husband commented that I didn’t have enough chaos in my virtual world or maybe the dude Sims just looked good to me idk). Anyways, every time I made the two talk, his girlfriend friend would show up & get mad at me. We were getting very close through conversation. I had the option of making him break up w/her but I took the low road…I invited him over to my Sim’s house & he spent the night (you know what happened next!!!). The next morning, my Sims found out new things about that Sims. I found out he was a criminal and his career was stealing!!! I also found out that he was a schizophrenic. He started rubbing his hands together, looking around the room as if he was going to steal from me & laughing like a crazy person (an evil type of laugh). Although I wasn’t there, I felt like my Sim’s life was in danger! I made the my Sim’s sister kick the crazy Sim out. After that, I went to his girlfriend & tried to talk to her. At first, she was very pissed at me but then I made my Sims tell her she looked nice & we became friends (in real life that wouldn’t happen although my Sims did have to suck up to her A LOT!) Once I was square w/his main squeeze, I stayed clear of that crazy Sims but he was always every where I took my Sims & he’s still classified as my Sim’s lover. Idk how to get that off besides getting a new one but I’m actually scared to play as that Sims because the crazy dude keeps stalking my Sims lol. The lesson I learned from playing the Sims (as i hold my head down IN SHAME), 1. NEVER STEAL ANOTHER SIMS MAN B/C THE COMPUTER CHIC CAN HANDLE HIM WAY BETTER THAN ME :-), 2. MAKE SURE TO KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT A SIMS BEFORE JUMPING IN BED W/HIM-HER :-) & 3. I’m never ever listening to my Husband’s comment about my peaceful play again btw, I blame him for all this :-)!!!

    • Keoterror says:

      Hey do you want to write a guest post?

      • MrsJHJ says:

        If it’s ok w/my Husband & Dejuan, then it’s ok w/me. I was actually going to ask to write about games like GTA & the Sims as a reg. poster (I’m more of an adventurer so I play stuff like Free Relms & anything w/o a time limit!)

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