November of Shame: The Shame of Rickey

As Omnigamer’s other Executive Editor I feel the need to finish out our November of Shame feature. I however, went with a different approach when writing my article.

I can’t believe it, how could I spend hours on this? The gaming mechanics are so simple yet addicting. I have to admit it was fun. I end my days wondering where the time went, while i gaze at that tiny screen with a red index finger. I can remember calculating distance and angles to hit those green little buggers  I can remember saving my sling shot,rumbler,and bird enlarger for just the right moment.

Ladies and gentlemen, the game I am referring too is Angry Birds. I am gamer like all of us, and to think that i would spend hours looking at my tiny cell phone screen, slinging birds at building structure to crush those little green pigs is insulting. The game mechanics are so simple but addicting, I have to give props when props are due. Its not a graphic monster, its not like the AI is complex, its just good old innovation that keeps the player engage.

So my November of  Shame is playing game that was not AAA title, no big boss to defeat, and no complex puzzle to figure out. But i will admit the developer hit the spot when comes to be creative and challenging player to use your resource at the right time.

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Rickey is a gamer to the core, He can remember at the early stages of his life playing pong, for every generation that has been, He has owned a console in that generation, He likes to study the architecture, the structure,and the software of every system that he has owned. From Atari, to Sega, to Nintendo,to Sony, and his favorite company Microsoft, he has been there gaming.

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