PlayStation Plus: Is it worth it?

The reason why I am writing this is because Sony just released PlayStation Plus for the Ps Vita System.

For those that do not know what PlayStation plus is listen up! For those that do skip to the bottom. PlayStation plus is basically Sony’s premium online service. This is taken straight from their website:

  • Instant Game Collection Access - Popular titles such as Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One, inFamous 2, LittleBigPlanet 2, Saints Row 2, Virtua Fighter 5, and many more PlayStation 3 and PS Vita games, are available on demand and yours to play as long as you are a PlayStation Plus subscriber. See what’s available now in the Instant Game Collection by visiting the PlayStation Plus page.
  • PlayStation 3 and PS Vita Supported - Your PlayStation Plus membership applies to both PlayStation 3 AND PS Vita. It’s like two memberships for the price of one!
  • Discounts - Save money on select PlayStation®Store purchases with limited time, rotating discounts from 20-80% off.
  • Full Game Trials - A great way to try before you buy – play a game for up to one hour, then purchase the game to unlock your trophies and continue your progress.
  • Automatic Downloads - PlayStation®Plus downloads select demos, patches and firmware updates automatically, so you don’t have to think about it.
  • Exclusive Offers - Access to select avatars, themes, and other items other folks can’t get.
  • Select Early Demos - Get early access to select demos before anyone else.
  • Priority Beta Invitations - You’ll be the first to receive invitations on select Betas.

 You get all of that for as long as you have the service. Sony offers you a one year for $49.99 and a 3 month for $17.99.

OK but is it worth it??? As you might know Sony just released PsPlus for the Vita on 11-20-12 so should you get it????

If you are a PlayStation lover like myself (I’m not a fan boy just a lover!) then YES it is worth it. I’ll put that another way. If you own just a PlayStation or you own multiple systems BUT you play your PS3 more than any other one OR you have Both the Ps3 and Vita, PlayStation Plus is DEFINITELY WORTH IT.

Why you ask?

Well I am glad to have such an intuitive audience!

The reason why is because for $50 bucks a year you get access to all of the cool stuff mentioned above for both the PS3 and the Vita. To put it in perspective I purchased PsPlus a little while ago for the full year and as soon as the transaction went through successfully I had access to all that cool stuff—–specifically the FREE GAMES. Back when I signed up they were offering about 11 free games including Infamous 2 and Little Big Planet 2 both of which I had already purchased on disk, so I went to my local BestBuy during one of their game trade in specials and got back a little over half of the money I spent on both games! And I still had the games to play!

Another example: Because I am already a PsPlus member I was able to do the system update for the Vita that came out and BOOM BABY I had PlayStation Plus on my Vita which gave me access to all the free games that Sony had to offer for the Vita … I downloaded Uncharted Golden Abyss, Wipeout 2048 and Gravity Rush for THE FREE!  Henshin A go go Baby!



So if you take advantage of the free games that PsPlus has to offer then it pays for itself.


Just a heads up you can only play the games while you are a PsPlus member and you don’t know what games Sony will make free so you might buy one or two that end up becoming free.

Random thought: I really wish they would re-release Viewtiful Joe I miss that game!! And it would be sweet with the Vita’s Touch Screen!

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Jeff is a true gamer, he has played video games since he was little and never stopped. He loves anime and Japanese stuff, especially martial arts movies. He is as outgoing as a true gamer that is married can be and hopes to make it to an EVO tournament someday. Favorite games include: Shadow of the Colossus, The Uncharted Series, The Dead Space Series and SoulCalibur 2-5, and Viewtiful Joe.

3 Comments to “PlayStation Plus: Is it worth it?”

  1. MrsJHJ says:

    I agree, having Play Station Plus is a plus!!!!! :-)

  2. chris says:

    but.. those games are cant play for more than hour right.. its just a 60 min full game trial so i just have to purchase in order to continued my progress

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