PMX Is Holding Two Tournaments, Bring Your ‘A’ Game

Pacific Media Expo, or PMX for short, will be holding four tournaments at this year’s convention:

  • Super Smash Brothers Melee tournament on Sunday at 1 – 4 PM
  • Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 tournament on Sunday at 5 – 8 PM
  • Persona 4 Arena Tournament on Friday at 1 – 5 PM
  • Guilty Gear AC+ Tournament on Saturday at 3 – 7 PM

PMX is an multimedia convention that celebrates Asian-Pacific popular culture and entertainment:

America’s first major trade show dedicated to Asian-Pacific popular culture and entertainment media, Pacific Media Expo (PMX) is an industry event sponsored by the Pacific Media Association. Pacific Media Expo is showcased annually. The show will feature honored guests, live performances, panel discussions, autograph sessions, Asian cinema and animation video rooms, art exhibitions and one of the country’s only exhibit halls dedicated to Asian media and pop culture.

The convention will take place November 8-10 in Los Angeles, CA at the  Hilton Los Angeles Airport. Omnigamer will be sponsoring two of the four planned tournaments, Super Smash Bros. Melee and Marvel VS Capcom, in order to win the prizes we selected players must place in the top 3. According to PMX, EVO rules will be used and participants will require a badge in order to enter.

If you don’t want to enter the competition but would instead like to hang out and play some games PMX has you covered:

If you’re not the fighting type, we’ll have some other fun attractions like a Just Dance station.

Perhaps console gaming isn’t your kind of thing. No worries, we’ll have a lounge specifically for handheld gaming so come on by! Whether you play Pokemon on the 3DS or Kingdom Hearts on the Vita, any handheld players are welcome. If you been trying to find a worthy Tetris opponent or need a partner in Little Big Planet, this is the place to be.

You can find out more about Pacific Media Expo and buy tickets from their website.

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