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RaiderZ, the latest title from Perfect World had gone open beta for everyone a day or two ago. In short, the MMO is truly amazing. The title has the player focus on two things: slaying monsters, and having fun.

Within the open-beta, the player has ability to chose from being either a female or a male character of course. Both genders come with a total of 4 classes, ranging from a simple soldier that is called a defender, a berserker, who basically utilizes two handed weapons, a cleric for healing, and a wizard, that is primarily used for offensive magic. Each one of these classes come with their own skill tree, and thus restricting the players quite a bit.

After character creation, the player starts out in a humongous world. The world is split up into several locations. Specifically, the player starts out at Broken Mast.  Broken Mast itself is full of lustrous jungles, very vivid life like waters and beaches, massive boats that can be jumped on, and even better, NPC’s that look like pirates. Each part  of this world is exactly the same as Broken Mast: they have a ton of detail, a great deal of color, lots of players, and even better, a lot of monsters that look distinct from each other.

The open-beta even allowed for a wide array of weapons, armors. Each weapon looks somewhat distinct from the last pair, and armor on the other hand truly spruce up the players characters to make them look entirely different from everyone else. However, irritatingly, some armors aren’t accessible to lower level characters who want to look cool, or some weapons aren’t accessible until the player beats completes one part of the story line.

However, while the player isn’t seeking out rare materials to craft weapons, or armors, they will be adventuring through quest, and even more quest. This MMO is full of them, and strangely enough, they all tie into the main story line. For example, Tiana, the pirate/ admiral leader of Broken Mast had a few quest that eventually started out the player’s character, however, even after 10 or so missions, Tiana was still relevant as she is the leader of Broken Mast and isn’t forgotten about. What’s even better is that every NPC comes into play whenever they give out a quest that not only gives them a personality, but also gives them a reason to be there within the game world.

RaiderZ,  however, probably has one of the worst communities though. Everyone seems to want to play alone in an MMO that is designed for partnering up and slaying monsters. Speaking of co-op, players are able to go toe-to-toe against ally’s or recruit them to fight against hordes of monsters. Strangely enough, the game doesn’t let you get your specified kill. Meaning, that if another player hits your enemy that you’ve been fighting for since a long time, the enemy would automatically be greyed out.

Keep in mind, this is just an open beta. Hopefully, once the game truly gets released there will be far more than a two worlds for players to be in. Additionally, hopefully more areas become easily accessible and hopefully co-op is far more useful than it was in the beta.

Overall, if you are interested in a new MMO, and you lust for a better adventure that is less story driven, and far more focused on killing monsters, check out RaiderZ; you won’t be disappointed. Check out Perfect World, and the video below if you are interested.

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5 Comments to “Preview- RaiderZ Open Beta”

  1. Ikinz says:

    Ummm Just so you know this review is good not yet totally correct needs to revamped on the skill trees and stuff.. If you want to do a review get to level 15 where you get a skill reset book and it also allows you to put skills into the other skill trees. So its restricting to a point in the game other then that tho its up to you how you build

    • Keoterror says:

      Thanks for your comment, but this is no review. This is just a preview. When the editor does review the game he will make sure to check out all the content.

    • Zeeshan Sajid says:

      Umm, this is just a preview just like Keoterror stated below me. I will without a doubt review every aspect, and everything the game offers me. And, yes, I didn’t go further than level 13, because I needed to complete this preview in time. However, I do promise in the review I will measure everything the game has to give a player like an honest reviewer.

  2. lol says:

    er, you are not restricted to your class specifically, that is just how you start off.

    Solo play? you gotta be kidding, there are dungeons that require a party. Normal mobs can be handled by yourself though partying is easier

    The greying of mobs only happens to the other person, not the person that has 1st hit the mob. This is to prevent ks.

    • Zeeshan Sajid says:

      Mr. lol, I apologize if the preview didn’t match your opinion. Also, likewise, I played through the game for a total of 10-14 hours before I wrote the preview, because I do have a time limit to complete the preview in time. Yes, I do believe the game was mostly solo play. Why? Because most of the community either didn’t want to adventure through dungeons with me, or they play this alone as well. Look for my response to Ikins about a real review for this game.

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