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Everyone knows that platforming titles come out far more often than other genres, and the only difference between one platforming title against the other is the special gameplay element that imbues creativity. Whether it’d be Limbo, where the darkness gives a great atmosphere; Gateway for its superb Portal like 2D gameplay, or even Chester, for utilizing different elements against different enemies and adding RPG features into the mix. All of these titles were superb for giving rise to creativity, Rush Bros is no different by any means.

The demo version comes with a total of 5 levels, each one brimming with vibrant colors, different settings, great music, along with a great challenge. The focus of the whole game is to make platforming more competitive, rather than a solo nonchalant approach that other titles of the same genre take.

Within the demo, each of the levels will last you around three to five minutes depending on how many times you will have to restart, and depending on how well you normally do at platformers. The levels themselves are full of challenges. The first level even though states that it isn’t a tutorial level is by far the easiest. Within the first level, dodging spikes that are on walls and on the ground are easiest way to get through the level. However, on the later stages, the challenge peaks to an all time high. Players will have to guide themselves through a narrow path, while dodging spikes from above, and even dodging electricity conductors. However, it is nice to know that the developers placed directions in form of arrows on the walls to make sure players realize that is the right path to go.

Keep in mind, players will also need to focus on speed as well as accuracy. Rather than simply taking on every single object head on, they will have to duck and cover, and find items that give them a speed boost and double jump ability. Aside from the sliding trick and simple walking controls, the speed ability will make players not only faster, but be able to jump a lot higher as well. in addition, if players find double jump bonuses, they can easily skip a majority of the challenges, thus making their time far better.

Speaking of controls, the title can be played two different ways. You can either play it utilizing a keyboard, or utilize a Xbox 360 controller. Of course, Ds3 tools is also an option whether you have a Ps3 controller and want to emulate it as an Xbox 360 one instead. However, during my time with the demo, I personally wasn’t able to test the controller option, even though I did have a Ps3 controller, and my other titles sensed that there was a controller plugged in, the option to change the Xbox 360 control scheme would not do so whatsoever. In addition to this is that the keyboard natural configurations feel a bit stiff. Utilizing W to jump twice from wall to wall feels a bit difficult at times, and sliding at moments feels very awkward with the normal scheme.

However, aside from all of the controls, multiplayer mode, along with a Co-Op mode is available. Sadly, the multiplayer mode is not active currently because the company plans on utilizing Steam for the multiplayer portion. However, the Co-Op is simply amazing. The Co-Op is simply done on one screen, top and bottom. Players choose their control scheme, and the map they want to play on, simple as that.

In addition to this, there is an option to choose your music, which apparently is going to be played while you play a level. However, I personally wasn’t able to get this to work even though all my music files were in Mp3 format.

Overall, Rush Bro seems like an amazing platforming title. As stated earlier, ever platformer brings something to the table. Rush Bro brings competition along with a very catchy soundtrack with vibrant levels to play through.

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