Why the PS4 has already failed


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The PS4 has been doing so very well in the eyes of the media and gamer’s with consistently one upping Microsoft that it will ultimately lead to their failure. In my opinion Sony has done such a great job at destroying Microsoft before the actual launch that when the launch actually happens there will be no big splash.

Competition breads results and if there is no good competition then how can we expect good results?

competition is good

Sony has literally gone the complete opposite direction than Microsoft with Next gen Consoles and it has proven to be a good strategy. Microsoft will have its games, Sony will have theirs but the key all along has been to sway gamer’s one way or the other with innovation. Microsoft confirmed some news that you could hook the PS4 up to the XboxOne…whoopdy freckin do! Who cares. That to me was Microsoft admitting defeat and saying ‘we know you’re going to get the PS4 but please buy our system too.’

Nintendo is not really competition in my book unless you are talking about handheld systems, which for right now, I’m not.  Microsoft is plagued with issue after issue, they finally go back on everything that they first set in motion only to have OS issues. WTF Microsoft?!

Sony has beat the brakes off of Microsoft and for that reason they will fail. Microsoft will have to come hard if they want to get close to SONY next gen and because of that Microsoft will become innovative.

Sony needs to see that Microsoft is coming to play and Microsoft needs to see Sony continue to play. Think of the tortoise and the hare I feel like Microsoft is trying to play catch up and Sony will be coasting after launch. Right now Sony has been and is, putting in the work to beat out Microsoft. What happens after launch? We have a nice idea of what games are to come and I am sure we will hear about more but what will Sony do to continue winning the race? Games alone will not do it. Granted the games will help but what are you doing differently with those games to keep from the consistent rinse and repeat system? We haven’t heard any news about any upcoming fighting games that are being made for next gen systems. We can speculate all day that developers such as ATLUS and Capcom have something in the works but there is NO solid proof, nothing as been officially announced and because of that when will be able to see a next gen fighting game? I say all of that because generally you want to have a game of every genre come out within the first year of launch and as of now Sony doesn’t have that.

PS4 will fail due to the lack of competition. Everyone knows its superior and their numbers will peak because of it and then Sony chills. What happened to the innovation? Yeah we have some cool features like the share button and play while you download but that’s nothing really big. Sony has stated that the PS4 as of now does not support 4k resolution, which in my opinion is the next big thing because you know they are going to combine that technology with 3D technology to create holograms—OK I had a little fun with that but seriously 4k is a big deal and Sony overlooked it by not including the capability with the PS4 at launch. I mean they made a 4k TV so its not like they didn’t know it was coming out.





  Support for high-resolution 4K output for still images and movie content is in consideration, but there are no further details to share at this time. PS4 does not currently support 4K output for games.” -Sony 


When the PS3 came out, it came with a Blu-Ray Player, new technology that Sony was backing. Where is the innovation now? What happened to augmented reality—I haven’t heard anything else about it.  Where is the MOVE?—have you heard anything new about it? Because I haven’t.

Sony is not being pushed to do anything new besides making nicer policies and including some nice sharing content. I feel that at the start of the race the PS4 looks good but by the end of it they may be caught sleeping under the shade of a tree.



I am still buying one at launch though.


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Jeff is a true gamer, he has played video games since he was little and never stopped. He loves anime and Japanese stuff, especially martial arts movies. He is as outgoing as a true gamer that is married can be and hopes to make it to an EVO tournament someday. Favorite games include: Shadow of the Colossus, The Uncharted Series, The Dead Space Series and SoulCalibur 2-5, and Viewtiful Joe.

2 Comments to “Why the PS4 has already failed”

  1. Macc says:

    before reading the article it has already failed.

    After reading i still feel like it failed. Listen your post basically only is from a next gen point of view when realistically their drive to succeed is being pushed from current gen mis-steps. Another thing I think you are ignoring how big it is that the PS4 is allowing for 3rd party developers…..THAT IS MAJOR

    • Jeff Harris says:

      Mr. Macc while your point is valid that they are pushing for success because of the current gen’s mishaps Sony has not taken the steps to ensure the longevity of the PS4. There is no innovation with the PS4 and thus in the long race to the future gen Sony will lose. Everyone else might lose too, but I just wanted to talk about the PS4 because it is so near and dear to my heart. Lastly, yes they are allowing 3rd party developers to have their way with the PS4 but how much can they have. They get to be creative with a touch pad and a share button. I expect more from SONY.

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