RUMOR: GameStop getting more PS4′s for Black Friday

As it stands, it seems that even though companies like GameStop ended up having extra PS4 consoles for day one sales that they still sold out. Now the word on the street is that no one will have anymore until January.

However a source has revealed to us at OmniGamer that GameStop will be getting another shipment of PS4s in time for Black Friday. So you still might have a chance to get your hands on the new console.

There is also a rumor that people that have pre-orders for the PS4 with GameStop, have 48 hours to pick up their system, otherwise, it will go back on store shelves. This rumor, however, has no other information behind it at this time.

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  1. Dustin says:

    I was told by a gamestop rep that they would not have PS4s for sale to the non-pre order crowd until Sunday. When I asked a friend over at e-mpire forums who works at gamestop why that was, he also told me it was due to the 48 hour hold put on pre-orders that were not picked up. So, there’s another source for you.

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