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PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale pits some of your favorite PlayStation characters against each other in an all-out brawl for both the Ps3 and the Vita. With a roster of 20 deep you won’t get bored with the character selection anytime soon as they all have deep set of moves to learn or master.

That said, let’s get down to if the game is good or not.

First’s things first, let’s address PS All Stars’ likeness to Super Smash Bros.

For all those out there who were looking at this game as a Smash Bros. copy STOP! PS All Stars is its own game and strongly stands as a new addition to the genre of 4 player brawls. Yes, I said genre, simply because Super Smash Bros is not the only game that PS All Stars “mimics” in gameplay. If you are going to say All Stars copies Smash Bros alone that is not fair to the other games that sit in this “genre”, games like Shonen Jump All Stars and Rag Doll Kungfu (as silly as that last one seems it fits the genre and it was actually pretty fun).

All Stars has a lot to offer in both single player and multiplayer:

Single Player (aka Solo):


Goes through a “story mode” for your chosen character with a short opening scene in the beginning, a rival cut scene in the middle, and a short cut scene in the end.

The Boss is GARBAGE, I remember the giant Hand on the original Smash Bros. being more of a challenge.

Has 3 different difficulties; Hero, Legend, All Star.

The Arcade is very short lived once you beat it once there is no need to play it again unless you didn’t beat it on the highest level already.


Gives you two options one is a general trial that drills you on the basics of the game like movement and attacking. The second is a drill down for your character of choice, I highly recommend this for anybody that wants to play this game and be good at it.

Allows you to pick the level of difficulty you want for the trials, again Hero, Legend, or All Star.

Some of the trials may seem impossible but if you keep at it eventually you will get them done (after hours of frustration I finally got all but one of Narikos trials done on the All Star level).


Self-explanatory, fair warning the if you want to practice your combos there is no real way to know if an actual human can roll out of it or not unless you are actually practicing with a human. The next best thing is to turn on auto-block.

Yes you can practice with a live human being so if you want to practice your team gameplay you can!

Versus Mode

You can actually play solo in this mode against the computer.



The multiplayer adds:


This is the online versus; you can choose to play Ranked or Un-Ranked matches.

There is a weird belt system for ranking that I don’t really care for but the idea of having a “season” to compete in is fresh and it works for me.

There are currently only two game modes: Free for All and Team Battle.


You can play with friends locally or against the computer in this mode.

Each mode mentioned above allows you to level up your character which honestly is pointless once you unlock everything for that character. The quickest way to level up a character is online.

Game-play Analysis:

Let’s wrap this up! All Stars gives you enough to stay busy, but is it worth the buy? And how accessible is it to people who don’t play fighters?

Well honestly if you’re trying to take this game as a serious fighter to be compared to the greats like Street Fighter, Marvel vs. Capcom, SoulCalibur, Tekken, Guilty Gear, etc. it’s not there yet. The combo system is fresh for this type of game but not as complex as the above mentioned. Also, the combos seem forced at times and are also a little impractical in an all-out free for all match. Combo based characters like Dante or Nariko are best used in a one on one situation were as distance characters like Radec or Drake excel in the chaotic free for all matches. Not to say you can’t play a good Nariko or Dante in free for all matches but it will be more difficult to pull off the long combos that you need to build meter. The super system is WHACK. Yes I like the idea of building meter to supers but there is almost no combos to execute supers successfully (aside from a few that people have found to work like the impractical 3 move Nariko lvl1 super set up or Evil Coles punch to lvl1 combo which is really good btw), you pretty much have to throw it out there at the right time and get lucky. The items get boring luckily it seems as though they plan to keep adding items as we just got the Medusa head which is pretty cool.

As for those people who don’t play fighting games…come on in the water is fine ;}  <- evil smile.

All Stars is VERY approachable, as I stated before the combo system is not complex which means pretty much anybody can pick it up. I actually have a friend who doesn’t like fighting games at all,  I pretty much forced him to play this game and he is now my online partner, that’s right Charles I called you out!

Long review short, it’s a fun game that anyone can pick up and have fun with. With plenty of un-lockable items and more DLC coming you won’t get bored with it fast (like I did with Black ops 2 but that’s another review!).

The stages are beautiful and aggravating at the same time, as I said in my preview you have to Pay Attention to the stages otherwise you will get hurt!

Aside from a few glitches online it’s pretty clean, the characters are balanced (for the most part, they had to nerf Sacboy as he was RIDICULOUS).

Glitch: When playing online in a 2 vs 2 match sometimes your partner will either just not be there or even worse be there but not be playing which of course just allows your enemies to hit him and gain AP.

If you buy the Ps3 version you get the Vita version for free, and believe you me, the Vita version is beautiful.

Also they have announced two new characters will be joining the ranks for the FREE (if you get them within the time period); welcome Emmett Graves (StarHawk) and Kat (Gravity Rush).




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  1. cmack_ctc says:

    fun game with extreme moments of frustration (why can Raiden level 1 super be interrupted with a simple punch smh)

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