Shenmue 3 on PS4 Looks to be a Possiblity

Shenmue 3 is being teased as a possibility yet again thanks to its former designer, Yu Suzuki. This teasing came as Mark Cerny, lead architect of Sony’s PlayStation 4 console was seen discussing strategy with Suzuki. We would not have known about this meeting of the mind if not been for the quick photo taking skills of Meggan Scavio, a GDC employee.

The Shenmue series is one of those critically acclaimed  and fan loved series that seem to be held back by the publisher, who in this case is Sega. We can only hope that this discussion between Mark Cerny and Yu Suzuki will lead to a Shenmue 3 release, but that also depends on what Sega has to say.

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  1. Twilord says:

    One has to hope Nintendo will take notice and convince Sega to put it on Wii-U. Obviously Sonic’s commitment got followed by a few Sonic fans.

    Hell there are enough Sega fans interested in the Wii-U they are hailing it as their “Dreamcast 2″

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