ShootMania Storm Launch Event To Award $100,000 in Prizes

There’s only a single week left for Ubisoft’s ShootMania Storm. For those who do not know; the title was developed by a team called Nadeo. The same developers who created Trackmania, a racing title that focused on map designing and creativity. In terms of Shootmania , the title itself looks very generic from the outside, however, has gained tremendous respect for its overall community and its innovative game-modes that even players can create.

For its debut, Ubisoft along with Nadeo have decided to host a two-day launch event to celebrate the release on April 10. The celebration is open to fans 18 and over at Cobb’s Comedy Club in San Francisco on April 6 and on the 7th. During this time, a tournament will take place for 100,000 dollars, known as the ShootMania Storm Launch Event Tournament, which will be a total of two full days. It will be casted by AskJoshy, GoldenboyFTW, and SycknesS. The competing teams have been trying to qualify for a long time; these competing teams consist of SK Gaming, Curse Gaming, 4Kings, PyroGen, and the winners at PAX East; the team known as Ride The Lightning.

For fans, and most gamers alike, this launch event is something that shouldn’t be missed. It will be the location to celebrate the rise of ShootMania Storm. In addition to this is a opportunity to ¬†receive exclusive giveaways, free food and drink, a chance to view professionals battling it out and in addition, a chance to meet with both the professionals and the IGN editors who are also hosting this event. People who sign up quickly are eligible for VIP access and can get front-row seats to the event, however, you have to be one of the 600 people. In addition to this is a chance to compete in a 500 dollars Royal mode tournament, which will be available from 10am, to 10pm for everyone who attends, and have a total of two opportunities to do so.

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