Should Microsoft delay the Xbox One Launch

As we all know Microsoft and the Xbox One have had a lot of issues with the console launch and the console hasn’t even launched yet! I personally know of quite a few people that were once Xbox fan boys/girls that have already pre-ordered the PS4. I believe that at this point Microsoft needs to take drastic action…. DELAY THE RELEASE OF THE XBOX ONE but my friend and coworker feels differently.

I do not say or recommend that lightly. I am fully aware of the ramifications of a decision like that but, with all that’s going on I think a fresh start is needed.

The delay would effectively begin and eventually accomplish a re-commitment to the gamer which would produce better business results in the long run. I believe that the way the Xbox One is now Microsoft is going to lose nearly half of its following (at least until a redesign and price drop happens). If they delay the launch to address the issues that arose from the debut it would not only send a message to the gamer’s that they (Microsoft) are listening and cares but it would also show humility and honesty which will help the company’s reputation with consumers especially those who felt let down by the conference at E3. Microsoft will lose some money for delaying the launch but they will gain much more, respect and eventually more gamer’s buying their console than if they just let it ride.


Sony killed you at the conference. Normally I would say that the results of the conference wouldn’t make that big of a deal because fan boys will be fan boys but, Sony succeeded in capturing EVERYONES attention and stealing Microsoft clientele from the presentation alone.–Jeff

 Sony did not kill Microsoft at E3 with games, but yes Sony won the message war.  It is easy for us to say: “just delay the launch and redesign the hardware”. Do you think that Microsoft goes to AMD and tells them “we need the tinker with APU, add more CU units to the GPU, and increase the speed of the CPU cores and also lets just switch out the DDR3 ram for DDR4. NO. That costs money.Rickey

The Style of the Xbox One is UGLY. The sleek look of the PS4 puts the Clip-Art Xbox One to shame. The design could be redone later but I definitely believe that one is in order. I know that the look of the system shouldn’t make a big difference (don’t judge a book by its cover) but If the system is to become a part of my home theater setup it must look good; the Xbox One doesn’t cut it.  –Jeff

First of all the Xbox One’s design is not that bad and it definitely does not constitute a launch delay. More importantly Microsoft has established partnerships with the NFL Cable providers and EA.  As consumers we have no knowledge of deadlines that are set with these partnerships and we have no idea of how these services will affect the value of the console. No one is talking about the NFL deal that Microsoft has, it could be the must have feature in the next generation for the casual gamer.Rickey

The price is too high for a weaker system. Microsoft set the price point for the Xbox One $100 higher than the PS4 for a system that is spec wise not as good. The power the Xbox One and the features the Xbox One possesses are not enough to make up for the price difference. Sony has everything you have and more for cheaper. –Jeff


Until Microsoft specifies what GPU and ESRAM/move engines re capable of, we have no idea how much more powerful the PS4 is compared to the XBOXONE. The real question is will the power difference be noticeable in games. The architecture Microsoft chose seems to be future proof, cloud computing gives the console access to resources, so if this generation is 10 years plus Microsoft can offload more CPU tasks to the cloud which would give the console more processing power.Rickey


The restrictions placed on the gamer are not worth it. I don’t want to pay $500 dollars for a pair of handcuffs. We all understand that Microsoft doesn’t want us to mod their system or steal their games and that’s fair but, the restrictions they put in place to try to avoid that are hurting everybody and when we do successfully mod the Xbox One (because we all know that someone out there will figure a way to do it) more people will be inclined to mod their systems. –Jeff

Microsoft stated that a billion dollars went into game development. That’s a lot of money ladies and gentlemen and in the end it’s about the games. We have yet to see all of Microsoft’s cards, but while sitting at the Microsoft Conference at E3 I saw games that Sony would usually be known for such as “Spark” which was very was impressive. Phil Harrison will be the key to Microsoft organizing there first party studio. He might be the one to get the next Naughty Dog for Microsoft.Rickey

It is already clear that Microsoft screwed up we all know it. They know it too. At this point delaying the launch would be a show of good faith to us all and be an intelligent move to try and win back some fan base. Microsoft would be admitting defeat early. Essentially forfeiting the first battle of the console wars. This would be a bold move but it would send a message to fans: Hey we know we royally botched this one but we want to do better. Giving Sony a head start in this race would be a very tough move to make and would indeed hurt Microsoft’s pockets but, the PS3 released almost a year after the Xbox360 and yes it started slower but it picked up momentum especially with all the Red Rings that were going around. Microsoft would start slow but eventually come out better than they would if they just pushed it through and tried to doctor up the system with firmware updates throughout the year. Microsoft fix your hardware make the price worth it by delaying the launch and putting better hardware into the system or drop the price either way something has to change.–Jeff

If Sony’s PS4 has a head start of over 5 million, Microsoft might be DOA. It’s not worth to get marginally better hardware with a delay, it’s about the games Sony and Microsoft both knew that. Microsoft cannot risk Sony getting a year on the market by itself and let’s not forget the Kinect, all dev. kits come with and Xbox One controller and a Kinect. Let’s look at future games where AI interacts with audio commands, what about the Illumni room technology and a “Mass Effect” style dialogue where you ask a question with voice no push button on your controller.  Kinect is a game changer. What makes a game next gen?

The game mechanics.Rickey



Should Microsoft delay or not?

—Jeff Harris (PSN: Shadowrezurected)

—-Rickey Gibson


Written by

Jeff is a true gamer, he has played video games since he was little and never stopped. He loves anime and Japanese stuff, especially martial arts movies. He is as outgoing as a true gamer that is married can be and hopes to make it to an EVO tournament someday. Favorite games include: Shadow of the Colossus, The Uncharted Series, The Dead Space Series and SoulCalibur 2-5, and Viewtiful Joe.

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  1. Zohak Diaz says:

    Lol Ps3.5 shouldn’t even come out. What a joke!

    • Yo Mama says:

      Hahaha. I can not wait until they are both on the market and you see how shitty the Xbone 180 games look compared to the PS4.

      • billyjimbob says:

        Hahaha, Forza Motorsport 5 looked and played better than anything PoS4 had to offer. Even Digital Foundry made an article about the performance problems of the PS4 games.
        Go look at the Eurogamer article.

        • ant9141 says:

          really? cuz everyone other website who saw ps4 games behind closed doors and on the floor said they all ran fine and looked amazing. Oh how i love how people use the glitches in UNFINISHED GAMES as support of their arguments. Peoples theses games arent finished there is going to be glitches! look at the Xbox Press conference they had no sound a whole trailer/demo and BF4 had no sound. Clearly you guys don’t know the 1st thing about game development.

        • datdude says:

          Hahaha billyjimbob apparently doesn’t realize the demos for Xbone at E3 weren’t running off Xbone hardware!!!! Another poor, confused soul. Good luck with that. Meanwhile, the best looking games at E3 were The Division (PS4 devkit), Infamous Second Son (PS4 devkit), Destiny (PS4 devkit), Killzone Shadow Fall (PS4 devkit), and Metal Gear Solid V (high end pc with a graphics card superior to what will come in the Xbone). Case closed jimbob. I guess your trailer doesn’t kinect to the internet. Good luck with that.

  2. kevin says:

    A delay would just make matters worse, plus it not like they are the only players in this competitive field. I say release the product as Plan & tend to the PR mess as they move forward as any company should.

  3. Kreator says:

    XBO FTW!

    • Yo Mama says:

      Have fun being spied on with madatory Kinect. Your system can’t even function if Kinect isn’t plugged in. Hahaha. Also, good luck finding any hardcore games not named COD, Forza, Halo and Battlefield.

      • Andy says:

        Have fun with sony’s brickware updates, security breaches, stolen card numbers and thoughs awesome psn downtimes. Have fun playing Knack you homo sony sicko.

        • ant9141 says:

          1st of all they never found any evidence proving the credit card information was stolen just user names, passwords, ect. you should probably research a topic before you start acting like you know about it. Also many people forget that Ubisoft as been hacked along with countless other companies. How can you fault a company who was victim of a very carefully panned, very professional, and methodical online criminal cyber attack? If your info is on a server NO MATTER WHAT COMPANY it can be HACKED. Period and after that Sony hired Philip Reitinger as their Chief Information Security Officer, he has previously held positions at Microsoft and the US department of Homeland Security, Defense and Justice. So if you think Sony didn’t learn from the past and spent MILLIONS of DOLLARS to better protect their network your just ignoring facts.

          • KayCee says:

            Wow so after they got hacked and all the info was stolen they decided to hiring security. Now that’s planning ahead sony.

      • KayCee says:

        BLAH BLAH don’t hate cause ms focused on game and ps focus of 1990,s verison of games

  4. ha55ie says:

    WOW..!!!! Your boss actually let you post this crap!!!! Wow there really are no real journalist any longer.l.

    Let’s help you out…

    XB1 designed to last 10yrs… Every part of its design is built for expansion, from complete controller redesign (also more response from button presses), to other everyday, and future accessories… Xbox Live now lives on the Cloud and can change on the fly (achievement weekend, if different developers get together cans come up with great concepts, such as shoot 1000 zombies in DR3 & Left 4 Dead 2 over the weekend)….

    300K servers to go nuts with… MMO crazy, GIANT worlds crazy…., best matchmaking crazy,… The ability to spin up and spin down servers as needed…,game gets a BIG update, not limited crazy…..

    Stop pointing out what’s on a piece of paper..l and get the controller in your hands and experience it first…. Ya follower….

    • dirkradke says:

      Maybe you should consider your own post before standing up on that pedestal before the article authors. They were articulate and made some good points. Your comments on the other hand are less articulate, seem biased, and has the flavor of someone criticizing for no other reason than because you can. What I find the most interesting about your post is that you felt strongly enough about the article your criticizing to write a response to it. If the article wasn’t that good why would you bother?

      • ha55ie says:

        So the author can jump the gun…have no extensive time with the XB1 itself or play any games, and it’s valid… He is basing a decision based on the competitions spec sheet… That’s biased…

        Just because something has more power doesn’t mean it’s the better product…

        • dirkradke says:

          The only thing they were doing is going back and forth about delaying the launch or not delaying the launch for reason “X”. The very fact the console isn’t out and NO ONE has extensive knowledge of it is what makes the article interesting. Maybe you should re-read the article?

    • Yo Mama says:

      Ya Moron.

      • ha55ie says:

        I’m a morrpon based on what? Cause you say I am?… If you are gonna name call have reasons why… Ibis article is based off of a spec comparison instead of a side by side comparison….

        MS showed some of the features of the XB1.. And they were darn good features rather they are used or not…

    • billyjimbob says:

      It’s just 300.000 servers at launch. Azure has over 600 million servers. Gaikai only has about 9000.

      • datdude says:

        This clown again? Trying to justify why he’s going to spend the money on an inferior product. Again, good luck with that.

  5. Rocamx says:

    You, the press are like evil. You dont know what the companies are cooking for the market. They dont have to delay anything! The both consoles are just fine! I just went to a game store nearly my home and the xb1 is sold out. They told me that 1500 of xb1 preorders are sold. So the question is not the time, the right question is which of the 2 consoles will bring the Best Experience in our livingroom, i bet for the XB1, but the ps4 “has better” GPU, i dont care about it, i remember the ps3 with the “super cell chip” in that time, i had one ps3 and my experience was the worst, i sold it and bought a xbox 360 20 gb and my experience is today The Best! So us, the gamers, we need to relax and wait, im surely know that both companies, especially Xbox will deliver the best experience and win us to buy games and consoles.

  6. dirkradke says:

    It seems to me all the points listed here for delaying the launch of the X-Box One have to do with consumer loyalty, etc. If they did delay the launch that would affect the supply chain, retail chain, developers, publishers, investors of every company coming out with a game and Microsoft itself, and only really benefit the consumer. I think any delay at this point would cost far too much money for almost no return. The reason: if the games are there and if they are good people will not care 6 months into the life cycle what happened 6 months before the X-Box One launched. Good games, good fun, all is forgiven.

  7. Shawn Pearson says:

    what a idiot the xb1 will do fine you should be worried about the 360 with better graphics oops im sorry the ps4,microsoft shouldn’t have changed there policies in the first place …

    • ant9141 says:

      yep its defiantly just a PS3 with better graphics. But wait, I can play a game while its being downloaded and installed in the background. Oh i can choose what part of the game i want to download first (multiplayer or Single player) also I can watch my friends stream their gameplay and with a press a button i can edit and upload my past gameplay in the background while i continue to play the game or stream it. Oh and i can pause my game in RAM and go to the system menu, with only a quick double tap of the PS button, and buy a game or whatever i want to do then double tap again to get straight back into my game in a split second. Oh but wait your gonna love this It can Cloud Compute like the Xbox One but it doesnt need to yet because only 1st party games use it becuz MS hardware is lacking. But hey its just its PS3 with better graphics right?

      • Megaman says:

        LMFAO Dosnt the 360 do all that???Hey you forgot to mention you gotta pay to play online now…you forgot to mention X1 dose all that but better an has a much smoother online experience….LOL @ the PS4 playing catch up HAHAHAHAHAHAHHHAAHAA…..NO DELAY

        • ant9141 says:

          No actually the 360 doesnt do any of that. Do you even own a system?? That might be the funniest thing ive read all year. hahahahahahaha

          • ant9141 says:

            you have know idea how wrong you are. Yes as it was most of this Gen Xbox live was better than PSN. but this is a new gen with new hardware being built around the internet. Sony has been investing in their online for years we just havent seen it because the way the PS3 is designed it cant really improve much more. Like they have Cross Game Chat(Party chat) on PS4 but because of how the RAM works on PS3 they couldn’t make it work on the system. Learn about the subject before you throw your 2 cents in. Im in college for video game design, i do research before i just go commenting so i dont look stupid!

          • KayCee says:

            Wow you finally get party chat good for you sony. Doing research doesn’t make you intelligent but whatever floats your boat

          • ant9141 says:

            Yeah we are. yeah it sucked not having it, and yes that was Sonys fault. but what awesome new features are coming to Xbox One besides TV, TV, TV, Sports.

      • Ricardo Montalban says:

        Yeah, 3rd parties use it already. TITANFALL, which won the most awards at E3 already uses it.

      • KayCee says:

        Oh wait we copied MS. Hooray for PS

        • ant9141 says:

          how did they copy MS. MS hasnt announced plans to do any of this except for the sharing feature, oh and the storing the game in RAM, which Sony announced 1st. but ya know a XBOT will never see reality.

  8. PS4isthebest says:

    PSpoor is a asianese device with stale games..that needs to look on paper to trick muppets.. the loyal gamers use PC/X1/X360 = Microsoft is the home of gaming.. nothing asia does will ever effect us core gamers..

    • datdude says:

      Hahaha…ps4isthebest…yet another butthurt gamer who is being fleeced by Microsoft and has missed out on multiple games of the generation on the PS3. Forgive him folks, he needs to get back to his Call of Duties. There is your typical Xbox only gamer for you. Meanwhile, the rest of us with a modicum of common sense will be returning to The Last of Us. Case closed.

      • Guest says:

        He’s always better than the blinded brainless PauperStation lemming that you seem to be.

      • KayCeee says:

        PS is a asian market game machine. Nothing wrong with that. Microsoft is for the American/EU market. All PS had was uncharted and metal gear and they lost metal gear. Second son is just a rip off of prototype/crackdown. Last of Us well its the perfect title for the last PS3 exclusive. If anyones butthurt I would think that it was you cause you missed out on all the great Microsoft titles.

      • PS4isthebest says:

        a self proclaimed idiot.. 1 title makes a system aye asianese ? I think its YEARS of material not just 1 game that dropped on the last day of the PS3s lifecycle..

  9. Ronny G. says:

    I never thought I would own a Playstation but I pre-ordered a PS4. I was excited more by their presentation at E3. Plus I realized that Ive only been playing COD on my 360 for months. $500 is too steep a price to pay for a weaker machine that doesn’t have the games to interest me anymore. For the meantime MS has lost a 12 year Xbox fanboy because of lack of games and many bumbled press conferences and statements. Plus I hear they’re trying to upgrade the DDR3 right now. RROD all over again.

    • kevin says:

      Care elaborate on how Xbox One is lacking games . Also your pissed cause they had miscommunication as a company. As for the GDDR3 that has not been confirmed,as of now just speculation so far.

    • Andy says:

      RRoD was caused by heat and poor soldier, not by the components themselves. Please inform yourself or spred you ignorance elsewhere.

      • Ronny G. says:

        Sorry you fucking geek

        • Ricardo Montalban says:

          You’re just proving you’re just another clueless PauperStation fan with low IQ. MS won awards at E3, a lot more than $0ny too. Too bad you’re just blind and f-ed in the brain, like the rest of you N4G paupertrolls.

      • datdude says:

        Someone who can’t spell solder has no reason posting “facts” about hardware problems.

    • medman says:

      I would seriously suggest you pick up a PS3 on the cheap and play games like The Last of Us, Uncharted 2, God of War 3, MGS4, Infamous 2, etc. etc. You have no idea how much you’ve missed this gen if you haven’t played some of the best exclusives this gen.

  10. Tom R says:

    Looks like Sony holds all the ace cards this time round, the PS4 is a more powerful machine and cheaper than the XboxOne. This is Sony’s revenge on Microsoft for the PS3 initially losing to X360, and they are rightfully taking back the gaming market that they dominated in the PS2 era. Frankly, though, the gamer wins because the next generation games on both platforms look absolutely amazing. The graphics and gameplay on next gen BF4, Fifa, Watch Dogs, Destiny, Infamous, COD Ghosts, Need for Speed Rivals, etc… look mind-blowingly good. Have pre-prdered a PS4, can’t wait until November :)

    • Ricardo Montalban says:

      $0ny paupers have no rights. Sorry. MS will still take the crown because they have the vastly superior online system and the money to back it up. $0ny has NOTHING!

      • datdude says:

        Another confused soul. “MS will still take the crown”. What crown is that? The red ring crown? Because the PS3 has sold more units worldwide than the 360 despite the red ring replacement units counting as “new” sales, and despite launching more than one full year after the 360. I think this guy meant to say “clown” instead of “crown”. I agree, Microsoft is taking the clown with a less powerful console, with no bluetooth support, with a power brick all while having the footprint of a small car. It’s 2013 right? Not bluetooth support? 499? Power brick? 5gb ddr3 available for games? Good luck with that. You’re going to need it.

  11. Guest says:

    Ah yes, another ill thought out $0ny PauperStation N4Gtard article.

  12. Guest says:

    Awww, the N4G paupers are in full force again. Trying to convince everyone else to join in on their Sony crusade of failure.

  13. datdude says:

    A key factor this author seems to be forgetting is how much Microsoft likes our money. Why would they upgrade the hardware? I don’t believe that is even logistically possible at this point, considering they have to place orders for components from suppliers many, many months in advance to hit their target window. You think they are going to eat that cost? You think they are going to give you specs comparable, or better, than what Sony offers for 499? They can’t raise the price, so what would be the point? They have priced their console to make a healthy profit on every unit sold. Sony has priced their console to make a slight profit on every unit sold. That should tell you everything you need to know right there. The company that is charging 499 for inferior hardware is not going to offer you upgraded, better hardware at the same price. It’s not in their DNA. And they are not going to further jumble their message by admitting they can’t compete out of the box with Sony and delay their launch. That would only make them look even less competent than they already are appearing to be. I’m still shocked that at 499, and in 2013/2014, the Xbone will come with a power brick, still be a humongous device compared to the ps4, and not offer bluetooth support. Good luck with that Xbox gamers. I own a 360 and PS3, and have preordered a PS4. Until they redesign that Xbox One and reduce the price, it’s no sale for me.

  14. Sheldon says:

    *sigh*. I hope they don’t, but if they do, I’ll just use that money on something else. I still don’t see a reason for me to buy a PS4 instead. Only 2 games shown so far interest me.

  15. John Kennedy says:

    Sony to me has always had the edge when it comes to pure game play. I think this will be the catalyst that allows Sony to pull away from Microsoft when it comes to gaming consoles.

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