Skullgirls Developers Splits From Konami

Skullgirls developer Labzerogames has announced that Autumn games and Konami has ended business between each other, as everybody who has followed the game’s development may know Autumn Games and Konami has ran into issues in the past, this is the reason for the split between the indie studio and publisher.

As it’s been alluded to in the past, things have not always been hunky-dory between Autumn Games and Konami. Around the time of the last update, it became clear that it would not be possible to proceed with the new patches as long as Konami was involved with Skullgirls.

So, as of today, Autumn and Konami have terminated their business relationship, allowing us to move forward with the PS3 and Xbox 360 patch in a more timely and cost-effective manner.

That statement comes from an official email sent by Labzerogames acquired by Omnigamer, the statement continued to talk about the status of the patch that will release the first DLC character that fans had voted on after the massive success of the Skullgirls indigogo campaign.

Testing on the patches is nearly complete, and we’re happy with how thorough our testing partner, Digital Hearts, have been in their review. But we’re still not out of the woods yet – before we can submit the patches to Sony and Microsoft for certification, the game needs to be transferred to a new publisher in their systems.

Autumn Games will be the new publisher of Skullgirls on PSN. We expect this transition to happen pretty quickly as Autumn Games has already taken the first steps to making it happen.

LZG also mentioned that patch will come to PSN before XBLA, this was also the case with the last update they released, the developer says that the reason behind the delay is because of Microsoft’s policies.

Since Microsoft doesn’t support purely digital publishers, Autumn is currently working with MarvelousAQL to secure a replacement XBLA publishing slot – this is an essential step, because without this Microsoft would simply delist the game from the Marketplace.

Microsoft’s online policies have been a problem for many indie developers and it’s something the Xbox One is planning to fix by allowing indie games to be self published.

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