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11 bit studios is probably best known for the real time strategy game, Anomaly: Warzone Earth, which released on PC, Mac, iOS, Android, XBLA, and the PSN. Their latest game, Sleepwalker’s Journey trades in the battlefield for a beautifully detailed dream world. The game, which is out now for both iOS and Android makes you guide Moonboy, a sleepwalker to safety. Moonboy was tossed from his bed in the moon during the middle of the night. Like any sleepwalker, Moonboy is not waking up. So you must guide him back to his bed by removing obstacles and creating new paths around the different levels.

While you guide Moonboy back to the Moon you will come across different collectibles such as stars and moons that you need to gather while you go through the level. There really is no use for these stars and moons, or no use that I saw. They are just there to give you a better medal. Another thing that counts to your medal is the time that you complete the level in. If you get all the stars and moons, but fail to complete the level in time you will get a silver medal.

There is a way to speed up your character if you find yourself close to the goal, but short on time. Looking at the bottom left corner you will see a fast forward button that will speed up the character, but this should only be used if their are no obstacles in the way. If you do hit an obstacle you will loose some of your stars. However, there is a rewind button in the bottom left corner that you can use. I would advise you to use this sparingly, as it does eat up your time.

Sleepwalker’s Journey features a total of 45 levels, with more promised to come soon. These levels feature great detail, and the art design behind the game is done very well. I would even go so far as to say that the art design / presentation is one of the strengths of the game. Each level features beautifully designed and detailed backgrounds. The different parts of the levels such as the different obstacles are also designed with great detail. The entire presentation looks like it could come out of dream, which I think is great. I am a personal believer that games should start looking more like they come out of or dreams instead of going for this ultra realism look.

The sound in the game sounds like it features lullaby’s, which goes along great with both the look and feel of the game. You wont get any huge guitar solos so if that is something you look for in every game, you may want to skip out on this title.

The game is quite short, and it is not that hard to beat, which could cause many people to skip this game which is a shame. I enjoyed my time with game, but I found myself often gathering all the collectibles and beating the level with time to spare. I’ll admit that it took some time for me to get to that stage, and some people may have a difficult time playing the game. What is hard for me may be easy for you and what is hard for you may be easy to me.

All in all Sleepwalker’s Journey is a truly amazing game, and with a price tag of 99 cents it is quite a steal. I would like to see some use for the stars and moons that you collect. Maybe they can pay for different boosts or unlock different skins for Moonboy. I also would like to see some more levels, and I believe we will but only because the game does say more levels are coming soon. My final score for Sleepwalker’s Journey is 4 out of 5.

[Editors Note: Sleepwalker’s Journey was reviewed on an Android phone. The game was provided to us by the developer.]

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