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PlayStation Plus updates

PlayStation Blog/ Discounts Quite a lot of good news for PlayStation Plus members was released today. To begin, Monster Hunter: Freedom Unite comes to PlayStation Plus members for free tomorrow. Playable as a download for the PS Vita, Monster Hunter: Freedom Unite will steal hours away from your life if you’re not careful....
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Phil Fish Says ‘Not XBox’ For Fez 2

Phil Fish will not be releasing Fez 2 on XBox One, even though the first game was one of the biggest indie titles on the XBox 360. When asked by Polygon about what platforms Fez 2 would be on, he stated unequivocally “not XBox”. Phil Fish who is known to be outspoken about...
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Fez Programmer Will Not Be Working On Fez II

Phil Fish is the creative mind behind Fez, but he did not work on the game alone, Renaud Bédard was the programmer for Fez. For those of you that watched Indie Game: The Movie will know Renaud Bédard was a huge part of the creation of Fez. When Bédard was asked if he would be returning...
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E3 2013: Fez 2 In Development (Teaser Trailer)

It was just announced (in a way) that Fez 2 is in development by Polytron, during the Horizon indie game press conference at E3 2013. Nothing was shown from the game nor are there any other details at this time. There was just a logo for the game followed by a logo for the...
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FEZ ready for preorder on plus win a Fez

Indie platform-puzzle game FEZ is coming to and to celebrate GOG is holding a contest, gamers can enter a chance to win an actual Fez, check out the press release below for more details and a link to the contest. Pre-orders for 2D/3D masterpiece Fez start now, the DRM-free vendor of...
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Fez Creator Wants to Make Huge Games

Fez creator, Phil Fish often seems to be one of the gaming industry’s biggest critics, and following him on Twitter is often a tense experience because you never know what he’ll say. He might call the 3DS “bullshit,” or he might go after his loyal followers for being so uptight. His latest outburst...
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