Take On Or Defend The Undertaker’s Streak in WWE 2K14

With WWE 2K14 publisher 2K Sports and developer Yuke’s are putting together a huge celebration of three decades of WrestleMania. In doing so there is 45 matches spanning from the formation of the first event in 1985 up to the present. They also are going to single-out The Undertaker with his very own mode, The Streak.

“We just felt like we couldn’t do a 30 Years of WrestleMania [mode] without some kind of special tribute to The Undertaker,” said Cory Ledesma, creative director on the WWE series at 2K Sports, during a recent demo of WWE 2K14. “We felt like we weren’t really going to do him justice, because he has so many matches; there’s so much history with him and WrestleMania that we wanted to do something different.”

Players will have two options available in the mode, You can either play as The Undertaker and defend his winning streak at WrestleMania or  you can take your chances at trying to defeat him which will push players to their limits taking on what Ledesma called “an uber-hard Undertaker.”

“We cranked the difficulty level really high, and there’s no changing that — there’s no option in there for that,” said Ledesma. “Our top guys sometimes struggle to beat it. We wanted to make it really tough, to make it feel special.”

Players will be able to choose anyone, even created Superstars to try giving The Undertaker a 21-1 record at WrestleMania. Depending on who you pick and do actually defeat The Undertaker, players will unlock some bonus content. Whether you succeed or fail, The Streak will score you on your matches, factoring in criteria such as “excitement” (not spamming the same moves), “drama” (two-counts and reversals), showmanship (spectacular moves like catapult finishers and “OMG” attacks) and the length of the bout. WWE 2K14 uploads that score to the internet, so you can measure the awesomeness of your attempts against matches from the other users.

On the other hand, Defending The Undertaker legacy players will play as Undertaker and have to fight off wrestler after wrestler in a “Slobberknocker” match-up. After defeating one opponent another one will come right out and the next match will start. This will be one long contest and so your damage will remain making it harder with each opponent to keep the streak going.

WWE 2K14 will be released on October 29th on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3

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