The Best XCOM: Enemy Unknown Mods

XCOM: Enemy Unknown has not even been out for a full month, but that has not stopped some PC gamers from creating mods for the game. Currently there are 50+ mods on the XCOM Nexus, and more are being added daily.

The people that create these mods are extremely talented, as there is no SDK or toolkit from Firaxis. These modders need some recognition, and that is why we have compiled a list of the top 5 mods currently available for the XCOM: Enemy Unknown. If you want to see all the mods available all you need to do is visit the XCOM Nexus.

1. Warspace Extension

Warspace Extension is a rebalancing mod that was developed by Nexus user BlackAlpha. The reasoning behind creating this mod was to give the player more control. BlackAlpha goes on to say “I wanted the player’s decisions to become more meaningful, rather than being punished randomly by the game all the time. So now, if you play it right, you will be rewarded. But if you play it wrong, you will be punished.”

The mod rebalances everything in the game from the weapons, the enemies, armors, and soldiers. To see all that the mod will do click the name at the top, or click here to visit the Nexus page for the mod.

2. Graphics Mod

Well this mod by Nexus user philstatUK should not be that hard to explain. Graphics Mod is a you guessed it, a graphics mod. Even though the title may not be clever, this mod does its job and it does it well. The mod creator says that “several things within XCOM’s BaseEngine file are defaulted for consoles [versus] optimized for a high end PC.”

To see more pictures of what the mod can do or to download the mod click the name at the top, or click here to visit the Nexus page for the mod.

3. Second Wave

Second Wave is a mod that was developed by Arietatray. The mod will allow you to toggle new features that will alter your game expierience. A lot of these features were present in past XCOM games. They were coded and ready to be implemented into XCOM: Enemey Unknown, but at the last second they were locked away deep into the source code for the game.

If you do plan to download this mod you should know that some of these features have not been confirmed to work. To find out all of the features that currently work you should visit the mods Nexus page.

4. Aetius Classic Rebalanced

Aetius Classic Rebalanced is another rebalancing mod, but this is somewhat different from Warspace Extension, as it wants to “strike a balance between Normal and Classic difficulties”. This mod rebalnces things like base funding, research times, and country funding. The mod also makes changes to soldiers and UFO’s, but not in the scale that Warspace Extension does.

To see all that the mod will do click the name at the top, or click here to visit the Nexus page for the mod.

5. XPERIENCE-Rational Warfare

XPERIENCE-Rational Warfare is a mod that was developed by Nexus user Avernite, and it seeks to make playing the game a more tactical experience. So in other words this is another reblancing mod. This mod tries to “test the idea of how combat against aliens would pan out in a simulated sense.”

To learn more about this mod you can click its name above the picture, or click here to visit the Nexus page for the mod.

So there you have it, 5 mods that are equally good in their own right. I know we listed them 1-5, but the numbers do not really matter.

Hopefully Firaxis will make an SDK so that we can start to get more unique and diverse mods for such an excellent game.

If you know of any mods that I did not put in this list that you would like to see just let me know by leaving a comment.

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