Top 5 Anticipated Role-Playing Games

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5. Dark Souls 2

Whether or not you have played Demon Souls or Dark Souls you have probably heard about one of these sadistic games from FromSoftware. Known for their extreme learning curve, these games redefined difficulty for most gamers, and have gained a great deal of popularity for it. However, to say its popularity has only gained from its difficulty is an insult to these games. The online multiplayer is one of the more unique aspects of this game, and one of the reasons why I love it. Walking past summon signs, choosing a partner, to whom you praise the sun or bow to before challenging the hellish world creates a very close knit community. Being able to invade another’s world and destroy a person’s hope is also an incredible experience. And to be honest, invading is one of the more interesting ways to play, as it explores covenants or lets players become essentially a guardian for a boss.Then there’s the story; told primarily through the items, weapons, armors, and spells you pick up through the game. Connect those pieces with NPC interactions and the environment surrounding you, and you have a story of epic proportions. Now, Dark Souls 2 is a direct sequel that I’m dying to delve into, as it expands the lore and mystery of the world that Dark Souls introduced. It gives an opportunity to flesh out, piece by piece, characters and events. Not to mention, the game simply looks incredible, and promises a difficulty to test the best.

4. Elder Scrolls Online -

To simplify, everything that Skyrim is, everything that the Elder Scrolls series has represented, multiplied by the millions of interactions possible between you and other gamers. More so than any of its predecessors it will be a living world, and it looks absolutely incredible. The graphics and the endless specialization/ customization possibilities are definitely stand out aspects of the game. The world is massive, and the possible story developments due to its MMO nature will definitely be intriguing. Let’s face it, the sense of freedom and exploration will be taken to the next level with this game. Choose your race, with its inherent abilities, choose your weapons, choose your spells, customize customize customize them anyway you want, and play however you want, because nothing for your character ever needs to be set in stone. The one issue with Elder Scrolls Online that might push players away is the subscription fee, but if there’s a game that players are willing to pay up for, it would be this one.

3. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Witcher series is one of the most popular and beautiful game series, that has graced the gaming community. Based off a series of short stories, by Andrzej Sapkowski, the Witcher series has developed one of the most intricate and exciting stories in the gaming world as we follow Geralt through this dark fantasy setting. Not only is the story amazing, but the people at CD Projeckt RED definitely developed a game thats combat challenged people. It was a tough game, but because of that, the overall feel of the world was enhanced, and every moment of gameplay was rewarding. Admittedly, there were some ridiculous aspects of the game, but at the end of the day it was a great game that kept you tied to every single decision that had to be made. And now as Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is coming to all systems with graphics that look almost unbelievably realistic, people are excited. Everything about the game looks perfect from the setting to the fighting.

2. Kingdom Hearts III

Kingdom Hearts was and still is one of the most unique and incredible collaborations done in gaming. I know many people initially dismissed the teamwork of Disney and Square Enix as the beginning of a kindergartner’s project, but such sentiments were decimated after its release. Kingdom Hearts captured the hearts of millions with a visually stunning experience that held up to Square Enix greats such as Final Fantasy X. It also successfully transported the player into the game. The gameplay was more fluid in terms of motion and combat, and there was an interactive setting set with soft lines and bright colors that made the whole experience surreal. I mean, everything in this series from the main character’s weapons to the eyes of the enemies were created beautifully. Plus, it was an exploration of settings that a lot of people playing had grown up with and adored, while throwing in beloved characters from both Disney’s history and Square Enix’s history. And yet, there is so much more to this game that made it wonderful: Gummi Ship customizations with Cid, synthesizing items and weapons with Moogles, competitions at Hercules Coliseum, secret bosses, and the list goes on. The Kingdom Heart series has been practically perfect. I will admit there have been some story issues, and the fact that a lot of story driven games are not on a major console does get frustrating, but Kingdom Hearts III promises to make up for all that. What worlds, what weapons, what characters we’ll meet this time are just incredible to think about, and with the graphics looking more detailed than ever, it will be an experience to remember.

1. Final Fantasy XV

I have been watching any trailer for this game for the past two or so years, when it was known as FInal Fantasy Versus XIII. And this is the game I am most excited about. Coming from possibly the greatest RPG/JRPG franchise in gaming history, FFXV has a lot of eyes watching it. It also has a lot of hope riding on it, because out of the past few games, though not bad, none really hit the mark we’ve come to expect with Final Fantasy. FFXV has definitely shown the possibility to exceed expectations, and rekindle the love we felt for this franchise after games like FFVI, FFVII, and FFX. It’s just that everything about this game looks incredible. Real-time fighting replacing the classic turn base to create a more open world is one move that I approve of.The fighting just looks intense, interactive, and beautiful. The story has intrigued me, and I just can’t wait for it.

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  1. o3mta3o says:

    Wow, the last remaining person who has any faith in the final fantasy franchise.

    • Poldarn says:

      “Real-time fighting replacing the classic turn base to create a more open world is one move that I approve of.The fighting just looks intense, interactive, and beautiful”
      No. It’s replaced the very thing that FF is based on with flashy graphics and no substance. Tactics,strategy replaced by button bashing.

  2. Border says:

    There is nothing good about ES:O. The game will be f2p within 6 months, probably sooner due to a subscription fee and heavy micro-transactions. The studio completely screwed up the lore and the beta testers have no positives of it. This game will only keep the die hard fans of Elder Scrolls, but this is not even truly a ES game.

  3. consorts says:

    Lineage Eternal is what we are all waiting for, but NCSoft is still too busy selling B&S and GW2 to rush LE to market. LE will be the “killer app” of 4K screens.

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