The Top 5 Most Anticipated Kickstarter Funded Sequels

The Top 5 Most Anticipated Kickstarter Funded Sequels

Kickstarter has become more than just a gimmick for disenfranchised game creators. It has meant bypassing the bureaucracy of a large studio in favor of crowd sourced development. My personal favorite byproduct of this has been the reincarnation of disassembled studios whose sole purpose has been creating sequels to beloved series. Here are my top sequels to keep your eyes on. Though most were originally intended for PC, many of these will be multi-platform.

5: Carmageddon: Re-Incarnation

Carmageddon Concept Shot

As well as I remember the rush of Carmageddon 2, I haven’t forgotten the utter despair I felt after booting up Carmageddon 3 to find massive race courses and humans replaced by fishbowls of zombies and harsh time limits. Carmageddon: Re-Incarnation promises to right this wrong by taking the best parts of the first two titles and revamping them. Improved graphics and AI are paired with open world courses and even more car customization than you remember. Stainless Games is composed of the original dev team, and they’re reportedly releasing an early access version on steam in Q1 of 2014. I for can’t wait to take to the streets and once again hunt down unruly drivers, destroying them to add their parts to my own twisted vehicle.

4: Wasteland 2

Wasteland 2 Progresss Screen Shot

I attempted to play Wasteland for 20 minutes in 2003, but couldn’t get beyond the dated graphics. Knowing it was the spiritual predecessor to Fallout and created by many of the same team members was my initial reason for wanting to experience it. Thanks to InXile Entertainment I can get a second chance. Featuring Top-Down strategy gameplay reminiscent of Fallout Tactics and X-COM in a gritty post apocalyptic; the graphics look anything but dated. I’ve always loved turn-based strategy and the tension that comes from managing action points. With many of the same team members from the original combined into a studio with a pedigree of programmers more varied than the Eukanuba Dog Show, I’d be stunned if this game turns out to be anything less than fantastic.

3: Broken Sword-The Serpent’s Curse

Broken Sword Screenshot

I love point and click adventures, and the first two Broken Sword games were some of the best. I tried the 3-D ones but couldn’t get past the control schemes, so imagine my surprise to find out that not only had the original team gotten back together, but they were making a new game in 2-D! With gorgeous hand drawn graphics and a color palette that truly pops off the screen, Revolution has also gotten the original voice actors to reprise their roles. If the puzzles and cheek of the originals are present, I can’t wait to go on another globetrotting adventure with George the every man, and it true form, it starts out in Le Paris.

2: Project Eternity

Project Eternity InEngine Dungeon

Sitting in close competition with my number one pick, Project Eternity isn’t a sequel in the strictest sense of the word. Instead consider it a spiritual successor to your favorite cRPG’s of the 90’s. For those of you who don’t know, Obsidian Entertainment was responsible for KoToR 2, Neverwinter Nights 2, and more recently Fallout: New Vegas. Mirroring classics like Baldur’s Gate and Icewind Dale their graphics engine is really shaping up to be a thing of beauty. Like a modern version of the Infinity Engine it recalls the individually created backgrounds from our role-playing youths and should sport a story and customization options to match. When we can’t find a good table top game, Project Eternity promises to fill the pen and paper void in all our hearts.

1: Torment-Tides of Numenera

Tides of Numenera 2D Background

Clocking in at a fundraising of over four million dollars, Tides is the spiritual successor to my favorite game of all time, Planescape-Torment. Featuring much of the same development team and more importantly, the same writers, this project is looking gorgeous. The engine sports 2D backgrounds with 3D sprites and the concept shots and storyboards indicate an incredible story and compelling world. As a consciousness inhabiting the cast-off shell of a body skipping god you must track down your sire before an age old enemy destroys you both. The game will have rich branching dialogue trees and consequences throughout, meaning every play through with a different demeanor could mean new story lines and companion choices. As the first Planescape was my favorite game of all time, I’m counting down the days until release sometime in 2015.  So now you know what I’m waiting on. Let me know what games you think deserve to be the top 5 most anticipated Kickstarter Sequels in the comments below.

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