Evans Top 5 Games That Need to be Remade

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5. Dark Cloud
Dark Cloud was just a great game. It had an awesome weapon system, good graphics, fun combat, and an intriguing story. Not to mention, the town building aspect was interesting and addicting. However, the game could get repetitive, which is the main reason why I want Dark Cloud to be remade. I would love to play this game again with an open world vibe rather than constantly switching between a village and its respective dungeon. Also the dungeons could be made a lot more thrilling and intricate to go through. Having an environment that we could interact with more would be really fun with this game, and I have faith that Level-5 would not let gamers down in this aspect. Also some new events for your team to take on would be a nice addition.

4. Perfect Dark
First off, I know there has been a remake already for the Xbox Live Arcade, but to be honest, I don’t care for the updated graphics. When I think of a remake for this game, I want a complete overhaul of the animation. I’m talking about like Halo and Killzone had a baby (only concerning visuals;  the story should stay the same). And though, this is not as necessary to me as the graphic upgrade, I think altering the layout of each location would add quite a bit to the game. For those who haven’t played it, think of Golden Eye, but in a sci-fi universe. Perfect Dark had an awesome female lead, a good story, interesting enemies, and an arsenal of cool weapons. To those who have played it, shout out to the laptop gun. What I loved most about this game, though, was the multiplayer, and to just have that revived for all systems with even just slightly better graphics would be good enough for me. And speaking of all systems, let’s try to have it for all systems.

3. Suikoden III
I know a lot of fans of this series love Suikoden and Suikoden II more than III, but to be honest, I feel those games belong with the graphics and gameplay they have. Suikoden III, on the other hand, left me wanting more. Every time I started the game I would wait at the start menu to watch the intro movie, because that’s what I constantly wanted to see in the video game. Not even a cut scene, though, held the intensity of that short trailer. I’m not saying that Suikoden III was bad. Suikoden II was awesome and had a lot of special elements making it worthy of a remake. The fact that there were several main character story lines to follow with each having a unique and compelling perspective was one such element. Another element would be recruiting the 108 stars (a staple of the Suikoden series in which throughout the game you can recruit 108 characters). As a fan, I can’t imagine how fun it would be to see all those characters fleshed out in updated graphics. All I know is that it would be beautiful. Sorry, I went on a tangent. What I’m trying to say is that it wasn’t a bad game by any means, but it could have done so much more just by using a few cinematic cut scenes. So when I see games like Tales of Xillia come out, I can’t help but think how beautiful Suikoden III would look with such animation.
Now, an important question I have for this remake would be whether or not to change up the fighting. It’s difficult to suggest any type of gameplay changes to classics, but I’m going to make an attempt here as I will with the next game, so love or hate the ideas, bear with me.  I would say instead of the turn-based system, the combat should be similar to Dragon Age: Origins or FFXII. I feel those mechanics would create a bit more fluidity, while maintaining the strategic element. Nonetheless, I feel the duels and the larger war battles should remain the same.

2. Final Fantasy VII
We’ve been teased with the possibility of this remake for years now. And with FFXV giving an adrenaline shot to this franchise, there’s a shot that Square Enix will take this remake under serious consideration. I know there’s the other theory that they will hold onto this until they really start to fall from favor, but we’ll see, and now back to the game. Clearly, the graphic re imagination of this game could blow everyone away. Midgar and the other settings; Cloud, Barret, Aerith (Aeris), Tifa and the whole gang; Sephiroph and other enemies were strong enough to fall in love with the first time around. So it would be an incredible fantasy trip to see everything again with today’s graphics. Especially after seeing character designs like Cloud’s develop through other games and movies. In other words, we’ve seen how awesome other media has made him look, so it’s about time we see him and everyone else return to their original roles in their glorious, new forms.
As for the gameplay fix, I ’d say keep it turn based, but pick up the pace. I think having a combat system close to FFXIII would work well.
Note: This video is fanmade (amazing job SawdustProductions), and only gives you an idea of what a remake could look like.

1. The Legend of Dragoon
This game was simply awesome. Sadly, it fell into obscurity quite quickly when it was released. One reason was it received mixed reviews, so some people decided it wasn’t worth buying. Another reason was that Final Fantasy took the spotlight. The fact that this game was so drastically overshadowed plays a major part as to why I believe The Legend of Dragoon deserves a remake. The Legend of Dragoon had a story that is deep and intriguing with unique characters, and it deserves its time at center stage. I mean fans would love to see a remake, and people who have heard about it, but not played it, would be tempted to go for it. All in all, this game had incredible potential when it was released, and to do a remake with today’s graphic capabilities, while fixing some of the issues with the original could really create a stir in the gaming community. Who knows, maybe we would get another story to play.

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5 Comments to “Evans Top 5 Games That Need to be Remade”

  1. Kamille says:

    “The Legend of Dragoon had a story that is deep and intriguing with unique characters”

    When was the last time you played this game? Like 10 years ago? Because Legend of the Dragoon wasn’t and is not a good game in any sense of the word. The story was poor, the characters were lifeless, the gameplay was limited, the progression was as linear as FF13… It was plain and simple a very bad game that fans don’t want to admit due to the nostalgia goggles for playing it when they were like 12 years old.

    PS1 had so many much more superior games like Parasite Eve, Suikoden 2, Chrono Cross that who had time to play a cookie cutter and uninspired JRPG like The Legend of Dragoon? Only children that didn’t even know what they were buying.

    • The Guy says:

      I agree about that. I do, however, share the same opinion toward Final Fantasy. It is the Twilight of the gaming industry; terrible story, terrible characters, massive fan base.

      • Nathen Cline says:

        Final Fantasy is not like Twilight! Never say those two things in the same sentence again. Up until lately, Final Fantasy games awesome, 6 and 7 are on most lists of greatest games of all time, I don’t know what you’re talking about.

      • MasterTechieRep says:

        You really are an ignorant fool for saying that. Aren’t you any thankful with FF7 that it made RPG’s known in the gaming industry and not just a household stack on your computer. Maybe you haven’t owned a single console before that’s why. Try to research first before you comment.

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