Top 5 GTA IV Mods

So if you visit the site often or you see my posts on Social Media. You will have seen an article I wrote asking if Rockstar had abandoned the PC. I believe they have not, but I am in the minority when it comes to that belief. If you have not read it, I recommend that you do. Click here to be taken to the article.

I said all that because after writing the article I started thinking about how much fun I had in GTA IV, and even though the port was done very poorly there were Mods that made the game fun. Below are my top 5 mods that were available for Grand Theft Auto IV. The Mod community for GTA IV is strong and is still going. There are tons of great mods out there and you should check them out.


This has to be number one on my favorite mods of all time… all time(sorry I couldn’t help myself). I love to role play and RPG is my favorite genre. I also wanted to be a police officer when growing up (which kid didn’t). This mod lets you become a police officer and it’s pretty bad ass. You can Pull over any pedestrian in the city check for warrants  write a traffic ticket, arrest them and take them to the precinct  You can do all kind of awesome things.

2. Superman Mod

Grand Theft Auto IV is already very out of this world, but Mods go places the Rockstar would not. One of those places includes giving players to become superman. Now you don’t become super strong or anything. It just gives you the ability to fly. However, it’s still effing cool.

3. Back to the Future

I’ve just recently found this mod, and it is awesome. I was and still are a huge fan of the Back to Future series, and this mod allows me to live out my fantasy of owning a DeLorean time machine. It also comes with a full Marty McFly skin, which is another awesome thing.

4. icEnhancer

I can’t not do a top 5 list on my favorite GTA IV mods without talking about the iCEnhancer Mod. This Mod is an absolute work of beauty. Although you may need a super powerful PC It will be worth it. GTA IV looks absolutely amazing with this mod installed, and if your PC can run it I recommend you get it.

5. The Force Mod

This is another one of those ridiculous mods that are to funny to pass up. This mod basically allows you to use the force. When ever you walk, you can force push objects out of the way. It is one of my favorite mods to use when I just want to have fun.

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