Top Five Franchises Telltale Games Should Work On

Telltale Games surely has a lot on their plate at the moment, working on The Walking Dead Season 2, The Wolf Among Us, and Borderlands has to be keeping them busy. However there are more franchises that they could work their magic on, and these are them.

5) Star Trek


Imagine if you will commanding the Starship Enterprise via Telltale Games’ unique touch screen and motion controls. Flicking your right trigger to command Sulu to fire and your left to have Chekhov raise shields. And all that amazing is before Telltale pens a great story to take Captain Kirk on another grand adventure. Telltale could write one of the earlier adventures of Kirk and crew much like 2013′s Star Trek movie tie which filled the gap between the movies. The story Telltale weaves here could take place between Original Series Season 4 and Star Trek: The Motion picture. I believe that Telltale has the writing chops to make a compelling story while holding onto the series original campiness and charm. What happened to the crew when they left the Enterprise at the end of their five year mission, no one is saying, and I think Telltale could lend a hand.

4) Harry Potter


There is a gap in fantasy now that all the Harry Potter books and movies are over and some fans are seriously going though Hogwarts withdrawal, me included. The last good Harry Potter games were the Lego versions and since then it’s been very dry in the wand waving world. Should Telltale be able to get the rights from Rowling they would be allowed to play in a huge world of dragons and magic, and who doesn’t want to play in that world? Telltale could use the actual book canon as well since so much was left out of the movies and games. Imagine playing as Hermione down in Hogwarts’ kitchen rattling up all the House Elfs. Or Harry’s trip to St. Mugos hospital, encounters will the Longbottom’s and a memory less Lockhart? Or perhaps Telltale could give a glimpse into those dark days during the reign of The Dark Lord. Telltale could allow players to control Professor Dumbldore, or young Hagrid as they try to vanquish “he who must not be named”. Playing these “lost” scenes would be great and it would bring Harry Potter back to us.

3) Resident Evil


Capcom’s mainstay series has seen many incarnations, a light gun version on the PS1 and Wii, a social multiplayer on the PS2, and some handheld versions as well. So why not let Telltale take it back to its survival horror roots, and let them drop the same undead magic that they unleashed onThe Walking Dead. Imagine Telltale taking us on Wesker’s journey into The Spencer Mansion, no one really knows what he was doing during the whole ordeal. Sure the Chris and Jill get a couple of radio calls from him throughout the original campaign, but what is he doing? Telltale should flesh out what Wesker was conniving behind the scenes. Whether that be sicking dogs on Jill, killing other S.T.A.R.S. members, or leading zombies toward Barry. A new look at an old classic may be just what the Resident Evil series needs.

2) Robert Langdon


This is the surprise on this list, but after reading Dan Brown’s books and watching both of the movies, I realized that if done correctly this could make a great episodic series. For those who don’t know the story, Robert Langdon is a Harvard professor of religious iconology and symbology (which is of course fictional, but interesting nonetheless). He gets involved in huge religious cases where he has to decipher old codes in Da Vinci’s paintings and sculptures and so on. Telltale could integrate the clue finder in this game so that you solve clues in paintings in order to progress in the story. Vittoria Vetra, one of the victims daughters in Angels and Demons would be a great sidekick to Langdon. His first huge case takes place within Vatican City as he deciphers clues left by the Illuminati to save cardinals that are involved in the papal conclave. Or perhaps they could get the rights to Dan Brown’s newest book, Inferno, and turn that into an episodic masterpiece as well.

1) Powers


Brian Micheal Bendis is a very busy man in the comic world, he writes many of the X-Men titles for the Marvel Universe, and when he’s not making Wolverine “Snikt,” he writes an indie comic book. Powers follows Christian Walker, a detective that specializes in superpower crimes. The world he inhabits is filled with super humans, or powers, and he is a top detective in this field from his past experience. His first case is one where he has to find the murderer of up and coming power, Retro Girl. While Telltale could take on the series in order via the already written storyline. The main character of the game could also be Walker’s partner, Deena Pilgrim. She’s an interesting character that spends most of her time beneath Walker’s shadow, so fleshing her out and seeing her off panel time would fill a major hole in the series.

What else would you like to see Telltale work on? They’re already making some great waves with The Wolf Among Us.

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