Video games decline in quality each generation, but increase in quantity

It’s no surprise that a majority of the gaming population cease to remember the first ever title that hit their bookshelves. Whether it be the newest Call of Duty title for this generation, or the old school Baldur Gate, or even before that, the very old and classic title we have come and known to love – Pong. Why? Because developers each and every day create a title that is half as good as the titles that were released back in the good old days, and not saying that this generation is bad, however, in the future, gamers will cease to remember the quality in this generation as well, considering the future of gaming will turn worse and worse by each title that is released. What’s worse is that even though¬† Each one of these title contributed to the type of gamer we are today. These are the same titles that are constantly being replaced, for stuff that are just flashy.

My personal starting title is something that easily breezed through the generation when it came out, and that title hardly anyone knows within this generation, and it is Golden Sun: The Lost Age. If you do not know what the Golden Sun franchise is, it’s a franchise that stars a group of characters that are known as adept – humans that can utilize Alchemy- and how they are dragged into a huge mess with Alchemy and how it’s sort of their job to help stop the problems that are occurring within Weyard (the world within the game).

The reason I find role-playing titles far worse in this generation than any of the previous generation is because of Golden Sun: The Lost Age, and the hard work Camelot placed into making a huge game lasting over 20 hours and over three playthroughs to discover new things and find information through utilizing mind read, which not only added information about Weyard, but the opinions of normal citizens that made you sympathize that is a feature that hardly anyone bothers to care about.

For those who played the first title within the franchise recognize Felix instantly for being one of the silent antagonist within the first title, however, this was completely the opposite for me, I started out believing that Felix was the protagonist from the start until very late within the title, and this was mostly done because of Camelot’s script writing for all of the characters. Throughout the whole title, Felix, along with all of this fellow teammates ambitions were hid very well. Not only did this add a bit of mystery for myself, but also wanted me to fully discover why Felix was lighting the Lighthouses, and what his ambitions were, and who Isaac was.

In terms of RPG, the game contained a huge map to explore. Not only did gamers visit over 20 towns, they also got a chance to embark on four different continents and even received the chance to embark a mysterious city. Along the way, there was a ton of collectibles things, from upgrading weapons, to creating weapons, to leveling up, and to exploring dungeons. Heck, Camelot’s best work was letting me figure out how to use my different adept powers within the game inside battles and outside battles to solve puzzles, something that had never been done within any title during that generation.

Furthermore, the big boss battles, the challenge, everything was massive. The map of Weyard was huge, and everything from the smallest villages to the biggest caves held a secret that could be explored. Monsters such as Poseidon were actually difficult to kill, the last boss himself took my over three tries even collecting all of Djinns, and it wasn’t unfair when battling them either, and it’s something that is completely lacking within this generation, considering that during the generation this game came out, programmers were hardly able to program AI.

Overall, these type of games hardly exist. Even Dark Dawn is a small piece of what the Golden Sun franchise originally was. Utilizing hindsight, I personally find myself wondering why titles like The Lost Age are hardly created by developers any longer. A title that not only looks amazing even in this generation, but packs a great deal of content within a small cartridge, something that normally isn’t done any longer. Titles in this day and age have the graphics, that’s for sure, but they hardly give the same content, the atmosphere, the characterization, the same impact that The Lost Age gave me back then, and I personally still believe titles like that will come out, one of which is called Folklore, but hardly anyone bothered noticing that title.

However, do not misunderstand this article by any means, it isn’t attacking any games specifically. The Lost Age is not being compared to any shooters, or any of the other genres. Rather it is being compared to what this generation has made games truly be. Rather than utilizing creativity and new features, the same old basic run-of-the-mill ideas are being brought back over and over again far too often, however with higher textures, and maybe a nice new feature. However, bottom-line is that too many titles are being released on a daily basis. Games that originally got us started into gaming is becoming silly features for other titles and do them half-baked.


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  1. Stealth says:

    this article is generalized tripe. Dark dawn was the best of the 3

  2. nemesis07 says:

    the lost age was not the first in the golden sun series

  3. David says:

    Who the hell let this idiot write?

  4. Dell says:

    Pretty weak arguments. If you want traditional RPGs, buy a psp.

  5. Dell says:

    Better yet, buy yourself an Atari 2600 or coleco vision off eBay. Because video games decline in quality each generation but increase in quantity… Lol

  6. SirCrush says:

    I really get tired of this notion that games have declined in quality…they have not. I am even tired of explaining why I believe this. It’s self explanatory. There is as much depth, sometimes MORE, in modern games. The classics we all love from our childhood are sometimes extremely deep and FUN…I am currently playing Ni No Kuni and am amazed by the fun factor. That is not to mention Uncharted, Killzone, FF13 (hated, sure, but underappreciated due to social media)…games are still great.

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