Weekly GameBit Podcast Episode 16 | A Sexy Trainwreck


In this edition of the Weekly GameBit Podcast, the state of Duke Nukem is discussed, Michael tries to combat Titanfall hype with Dark Souls II hype, and the political presence in gaming is analyzed. That’s Just the Tip of what we talk about this week! Haha! Don’t forget to enter our GameBit contest here!

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The Crew:

Michael (@NEGtronZero)

Jerry (@SmllTwnTheory)

Perry will return next week!

Sterling (@Sterlingkins)

Written by

Mike has been a gamer ever since he understood the concept. From the humble beginnings of playing Super Nintendo in After School Camp and wearing out the Game Boy at home, Mike enjoyed his gradual immersion into the gaming world, and his interest continues to grow to this very day. Mike's goal is to provide viewers with high quality gaming media content that is genuine, pristine, and filled with gusto.

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