What We Think Xbox One’s 15 Exclusives Are

Microsoft’s event for all its worth only devoted 20 minutes of an hour long presentation to games. The information provided on some of the games was very brief, and any videos we saw only showed target gameplay. However, Microsoft did say most of the event would be focused on services and how the system will interact with your TV.  The rest of the game announcements are expected to come at E3. We did get some big information though, and that was that Microsoft intends to have 15 exclusives within a year of the console launching.  Below are what myself and fellow writer Shawn Bird think those exclusives could be.

Crackdown 3


During the Xbox One unveiling there was a point that the screen in the background had pictures for different games when they were talking about games for the new system. One of those pictures was clearly an agility orb from Crackdown, leading me to believe we will see Crackdown 3 on the Xbox One.

Fable 4


It stands to reason that there is a good possibly that we will see Fable 4 early in the Xbox One’s launch. Although the Fable series is either loved or hated, it is one of the best known exclusive franchises Microsoft owns. AT least this time with Peter Molyneux no longer at Lionhead Studios, We might get some promises that can be kept.

Forza 5

FM5 - 04 - Xbox Reveal - 2013-05-21

Forza 5 was announced and quickly shown off at the Xbox One unveiling, it looks beautiful as usual. The Forza series is the premier racing franchise for the Xbox consoles and will be an early flagship game for early adopters of the Xbox One.

Quantum Break


Quantum Break is a game that had a short teaser trailer during the Xbox One unveiling. It seemed as if it might be a mix of full motion video and video game graphics. That of course could just be how the trailer was created, at this time not enough is know about this new IP for the Xbox One.

Halo 5


343 Studios is working on the Halo trilogy, Halo 4 was released later last year. It seems to reason one of the new exclusive games for the Xbox One might be Halo 5, though it probably might not be a launch title, but early in the Xbox One life cycle.

Killer Instinct


Many years a go I made a list of games I wanted to see remade and Killer Instinct was on that list. Now it seems Rare is working on a new Xbox One game and peculation is that it is a new Killer Instinct. It may not be a remake, but it would be nice to have a new game in the franchise.



Ryse is a is a first person hack and slash video game in development by German studio Crytek and to be published by Microsoft Studios. It was originally announced at the Microsoft Press Conference at E3 2011. At that time Ryse was announced among other Xbox 360-exclusive titles. We have received confirmation that the game is still an Xbox Exclusive, but it will be releasing on Xbox One.

Other First Party Titles

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The List above includes games that we at least know something about, but the list below include unannounced titles for the system. Some of which are being made by brand new studios, which shows the $1 billion investment Microsoft is making into First Party titles.

  • Kids and Lifestyle Entertainment – Next generation fitness project
  • Connected Experiences – Untitled Project
  • Platform Next Studios – Next generation core title
  • Playful Learning – Next generation family project
  • Skybox Sports – Next generation sports project
  • Lionhead Studios- Unannounced MMO-like New IP
  • Black Tusk Studios – Untitled Project
  • Microsoft Studios Victoria – Untitled Project
  • Microsoft Studios Osaka- Unannounced Project

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  1. spy on me and you will die says:

    if they make it always online and always on via the kinect then they can fuck off.
    I’d rather spend £400 on a new GPU for my computer and play games on that via Steam.

  2. Anonymous says:

    screw Killer Instinct, I want a new Perfect Dark or Conkers !

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